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The United Nations is committed to addressing violence against women in all its forms, he stressed, citing such initiatives as the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women, which has successfully awarded 9 million to 463 initiatives across 139 countries and territories over the past 20 years.,zimbabwe t20 league live score,“We must work together to create an enabling environment which supports women and girls in rural areas of Asia and the Pacific to unfold their full potential as powerful agents of change,” she added.,“This should be a wake-up call,” UNESCO said. “Female participation is falling in a field that is expanding globally as its importance for national economies grows, penetrating every aspect of daily life.”.

In his message, the Secretary-General said that increasing public disclosure by women from all regions and all walks of life of the sexual harassment they faced is galvanizing power of women’s movements to drive action to eliminate harassment and violence everywhere.,Acute hunger is soaring to unprecedented levels – WFP chief,“Without a change in approach, just to rebuild what was lost, Syrians would need to wait another lifetime,” she said.,official jwrsey of indian cricket team.

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zimbabwe t20 league live score

The report includes data on allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse relating to personnel in peacekeeping and special political missions, other United Nations entities, implementing partners, and non-UN international forces authorized by a Security Council mandate covering 1 January, to 31 December 2021.  ,official jersey of team india,Now in the third year of working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the forum this year is shining a spotlight on gender equality..

“Residents of Moldova started raising funds right away and literally stuffed the Exposition Centre with various belongings, they kept bringing stuff over,” she continued. “My friend, an attorney, temporarily moved closer to the border to provide legal advice to the new arrivals. And there are hundreds of people like her”.,In a statement issued by his Spokesperson on Sunday afternoon, Mr. Guterres welcomed the ceasefire that had been reached between the sides on Saturday and extended his deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the violence.  ,official jwrsey of indian cricket team,“It is essential that the hard-won rights of Afghan women and girls are protected”, Secretary-General António Guterres told the Security Council..

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official jwrsey of indian cricket team

Libya has been divided between two rival administrations for more than a decade, following the overthrow and killing of former leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.  ,New data recently released by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) shows the need for urgent action to end FGM. According to UNICEF, more than 130 million girls and women have experienced some form of female genital mutilation in the 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East where the harmful practice is most common.,However, Mr. Lacroix noted that two women are currently serving in the most senior military level within the 12 field missions: one is the newly appointed Force Commander in the peacekeeping mission in Cyprus (UNFICYP), and the other is a Deputy Force Commander in the Western Sahara mission, MINURSO..

zimbabwe t20 league live score,“That means paying tribute to the pioneers from the early years of the struggle,” she added.,“We are on a path of further escalation, which can only cause more suffering to the people of Ukraine, Russia, and the rest of the world”, Ms. DiCarlo told ambassadors..

“To build an equitable and sustainable future that leaves no one behind, we must amplify the voices of Indigenous women”. ,"By honouring these defenders of human dignity, this prize also recognizes countless victims around the world who have too often been stigmatized, hidden and forgotten.  This is their award, too... Let us honour these new Nobel laureates by standing up for victims of sexual violence everywhere.",Delegates further highlighted the need for improved availability of data and gender statistics to enhance evidence-based policy making..

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official jwrsey of indian cricket team

In a message to mark the International Day of Rural Women, observed annually on 15 October, the UN chief said that “listening to rural women and amplifying their voices is central to spreading knowledge about climate change and urging governments, businesses and community leaders to act.”,How marketing of formula milk influences our decisions on infant feeding, the first report in a series by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), draws on interviews with parents, pregnant women, and health workers in eight countries.,Mr. Pedersen feared the ramp-up in military operations has the potential to unravel a strategic stalemate in the war that has brought relative calm for almost three years. .

official jersey of team india,The Council should promote “universal respect and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms. For all”, continued the newly elected president. “Without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion”.,“Mali is ushering in a critical year in terms of returning to constitutional order,” he said, with several votes scheduled starting in March.  .

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zimbabwe t20 league live score

“The result of this unscientific test can impact upon judicial proceedings, often to the detriment of victims and in favour of perpetrators, sometimes resulting in perpetrators being acquitted,” the statement added.,official jersey of team india,“For far too many families, the sheer costs of childbirth can be catastrophic. If a family cannot afford these costs, the consequences can even be fatal”, said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. “When families cut corners to reduce maternal health care costs, both mothers and their babies suffer.”.

Meanwhile, she updated that the Executive Secretariat and G5 Sahel components continue to put gender policy into action and boost training for women leaders. ,The UN Secretary-General said in a statement later in the day, that he deeply regretted the Taliban's suspension of the return to school for high school girls.,official jwrsey of indian cricket team,Ahead of the two-day meeting, the Committee Chair, Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj of India, spoke to UN News about how terrorists are exploiting social media, mobile payment systems, 3D printing, and other technological developments. .

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There are many concrete examples of the private sector moving in a positive direction, with regard to gender equality, and tackling systemic sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. These include the promotion of women’s representation on corporate boards, a demand for greater investment in companies owned by women, and a recognition that gender equality is a critical business issue.,official jwrsey of indian cricket team,Globally, over 200 million women and girls are estimated to have undergone some form of genital mutilation and girls aged 14 and younger account for about 44 million of those who have been “cut.”,Noting that worldwide, almost one-in-two women murdered are killed by a partner or ex-partner, she said that in some countries, “Spotlight will focus on the most extreme form of violence – femicide.”.

“When I became Secretary-General, I thought that this tradition should be maintained - now, not focused on refugee communities, but focused on the Muslim communities that are suffering”, he said.,A joint United Nations-African Union mission has been in Chad for two days. The visit which also included the Foreign Minister of Sweden, Margot Wallström, has focused on the importance of women’s meaningful participation in promoting peace, security and development.,Mr. Guterres expressed his concern over the continued exclusion of girls from high school in Afghanistan, explaining that it is not only “deeply damaging” to them, but also to “a country that desperately needs their energy and contributions”.,official jersey of team india.

Mr. Guterres noted that “freedom of expression and peaceful assembly are fundamental rights that must be respected at all times”.,best betting site 2022,"The Delhi declaration lays out the foundation for the way ahead,” said David Scharia from the Counter-Terrorism Executive Committee. “It speaks about the importance of human rights, public-private partnership, civil society engagement, and how we are going to work together on this challenge. It also invites the CTED [the Secretariat for the Committee] to develop a set of guiding principles, which will result from intensive thinking with all the partners.”,Shadly Ahmad Mahmoud Abou Taqiqa al-Huwaiti, Mr Ibrahim Salih Ahmad Abou Khalil al-Huwaiti and Mr Atallah Moussa Mohammed al-Huwaiti were sentenced to death on 5 August last year, and their sentences were backed by Saudi Arabia’s Specialised Criminal Court of Appeal, on 23 January..

“What I am seeing with the Black Sea Grain Initiative is an increase in confidence, confidence in the shipping community, the commercial shipping community,” said Dennis Malone, a UN Representative at the Joint Coordination Centre in Odesa, for boats arriving and departing from the Ukrainian port.,UNIFIL said the incident took place in Al-Aqbieh, “just outside” the mission’s area of operations in south Lebanon.,The Monitor indicates that since the convention came into force, 35 State Parties have destroyed 1.5 million cluster munition stockpiles, comprising 178 million sub-munitions. This represents 99 per cent of all cluster munitions declared by State Parties. ,official jwrsey of indian cricket team.

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A subsequent political process facilitated jointly by the United Nations, the African Union and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) resulted in an agreement being signed in December 2022 between the military and some key civilian political stakeholders, jumpstarting efforts aimed at restoring a credible democratic civilian government.,The conference yielded a total of 3 million in pledges from 21 countries for 2019, 2020 and beyond, including 6.2 million to be spent on priorities this year alone.,She told her story for the first time to IOM staff, ahead of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons which is marked annually on 30 July..

zimbabwe t20 league live score,Mr. Hussein urged ambassadors to adopt a resolution that calls for Türkiye to withdraw its forces from all Iraqi territory. ,Mr. Wennesland expressed deep concern over recent violence and inflammatory actions, particularly the violent confrontations inside al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem earlier this month. .

Armed men entered the WFP compound in the regional capital, Mekelle, on Wednesday and seized 12 tankers filled with fuel, which had recently been purchased.  The supply had only arrived a few days earlier. ,In Iraq, Ms. Patten met with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and other Government officials in the cities of Baghdad, Erbil and Mosul, as well as with civil society groups, religious leaders and other stakeholders.,On Monday, Human Rights Day, the UN Women-managed global grant-making mechanism to eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls, the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, held a fundraising luncheon in Santa Monica, California, one of the hubs of the #MeToo movement that rose up last year against sexual harassment and abuse, by powerful men in the entertainment industry..

"We meet at a moment when this crime, which should have been consigned to a closed chapter of history, is once again in the headlines”, said Pramila Patten, Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, affirming that now was the time to “take stock of both the persistent and entrenched, as well as new and emerging, challenges…to eradicate the scourge”.,SAGE recommends that the Ebola inoculation be administered to contacts and contacts of contacts as well as geographically targeted vaccinations to prevent contracting the disease.,It will also “provide quality services for survivors, and reparations for victims of violence and their families, producing disaggregated data so we can leave no one behind and empower women’s movements in the five priority countries.”.

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official jwrsey of indian cricket team

Community gardens could be an answer to the problems of self-sufficiency, and safety. A garden created by a local women's network, Jieyúú Kojutsuu ("Women of Value") is supporting local women and their families, and helping them to meet their subsistence needs.,“An expanded agreement would also provide an opportunity to negotiate a nationwide ceasefire, humanitarian and economic issues, and to prepare for the resumption of the Yemeni-led political process under UN auspices to reach a sustainable and just peace,” he added. ,Known as the GAME PLAN, it is the result of two years of consultations by the Special Adviser and a Working Group composed of representatives from major sports leagues in the United States and beyond. .

zimbabwe t20 league live score,“Once in force, the CTBT will serve as an essential element of a nuclear weapons-free world. In order to achieve this world, we all aspire to, a universal and effectively verifiable prohibition on nuclear testing is a fundamental necessity,” he said. ,Mr. Grundberg said he was encouraged by the positive and detailed discussions, noting that all interlocutors displayed willingness to constructively engage on the way forward. .

American-Zimbabwean actor and playwright Danai Gurira – who in addition to portraying Michonne in the TV series The Walking Dead and ‘Okoye’ in the blockbuster movie Black Panther – is also a noted education and women’s rights activist, testified about her own experience as a woman in her professional career.,“The Charter is clear.  Any annexation of a State’s territory by another State resulting from the threat or use of force is a violation of the Principles of the UN Charter and international law.” ,Pointing to the Our Common Agenda report – a blueprint for global cooperation and reinvigorated multilateralism – he attested that strengthening multilateralism has been his “highest priority”. .

Now, I feel like every day new barriers are standing in my way, time stronger than the previous one. The number of women and young girls who need counselling is increasing.,“Over the past 11 years, we have witnessed suffering and abuses on an immense scale; terrible violent conflict that went beyond all norms; [and] a humanitarian catastrophe that has devastated the lives of well over half the population,” UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir O. Pedersen told the Brussels VI Conference: "Supporting the future of Syria and the region".,By 2023, the programme aims to have reached more than 14 million adolescent girls across 12 countries in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia..

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