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The statement comes in the wake of a decision by Twitter to flag tweets by United States President Donald Trump earlier this week, which warned against potential electoral rigging this year, through states’ extending voting by mail.,zulubet jackpot prediction,Thirty-three-year-old Junaid Hafeez, a lecturer at Bahauddin Zakariya University in Multan, was sentenced to death – despite last year’s landmark Supreme Court ruling in which Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi was tried and condemned to hang for blasphemy but was later acquitted.,“Nicaragua must not criminalise legitimate practices such as participation in peaceful protests”, said Mary Lawlor, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders.  .

“We are deeply concerned about the spiraling economic crisis, and the effect this has had on people’s ability to subsist from one day to the next”, three UN Special Rapporteurs asserted. “The Government must immediately explain how it intends to support people, many of whom are teetering on the brink of survival”.,The mission members declare that their latest report on Myanmar has established, for the first time, the degree to which the country’s military uses its own businesses, foreign companies and arms deals to support “brutal operations” against ethnic groups that constitute “serious crimes under international law”, bypassing civilian oversight and evading accountability. ,Presenting the conclusions of her report on the 2030 Agenda, SDGs and the fight against racial discrimination, Ms. Achiume acknowledged that while opening the door to important improvements on earlier development initiatives, more commitments are needed to effectively combat racism.,ipl on tata sky which channel.

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Unchecked, they fear the situation could return to the heights of the September 2020 crew change crisis, when 400,000 seafarers were stranded at sea around the world.,ipl on tata sky,Special Rapporteurs are appointed by the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council to examine and report back on a specific human rights theme or a country situation. The positions are honorary and the experts are not UN staff, nor are they paid for their work. .

The Working Group will share its preliminary observations with the French Government and propose the start of dialogue in the framework of an official country visit. ,Quoting Madiba – as he’s known affectionately by South Africans – Mr. Guterres said: “As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest”.,ipl on tata sky which channel,The report documents allegations of reprisals and intimidation in 38 countries, some of which are members of the Human Rights Council..

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These charges included murder and incitement to violence, membership of an illegal group, participation in an illegal gathering, and other crimes.,On 20 December, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda announced that she was "satisfied that there is a reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation into the situation in Palestine".,Working is what I've done since I was 11. But seeing things as they are, I changed my mind. I think it’s best for me to return to El Salvador - caravan member, Dennis Javier.

zulubet jackpot prediction,Dolores is a migrant woman who fled her country after years of suffering gender-based violence at the hands of her husband and who would later experience sexual harassment and abuses in the new country where she ended up living.,The Convention is the most widely-ratified international human rights accord in history; a landmark achievement which meant “for the first time, governments explicitly recognized that children have the same human rights as adults”, UN chief António Guterres said, adding that the document put in the spotlight the “specific additional rights that recognize their special status as dependents.”.

Detention is detrimental to the well-being of a child, produces long-term severe adverse impacts on children and cannot be considered in their best interests, he explained, noting that it also exacerbates the trauma that many migrant children suffer along their journeys and that detention of migrant children can never be used to deter migration.,“We are saddened and appalled by the ongoing violence and threats against human rights defenders in the Philippines, including the killing of two human rights defenders over the past two weeks,” Liz Throssell, a spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), said at a regular media briefing. ,“Two years have passed. No convictions, no trials of ringleaders and masterminds,” they said in a joint statement with monitors Dunja Mijatović from regional human rights body, the Council of Europe, and Harlem Désir from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)..

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In Aden, after meeting with Mothers of the Detainees who recounted harrowing and tragic tales of missing husbands, sons and brothers, he requested the government there, and the de facto authorities in Sana’a, to end unlawful detention and release all names of those in custody. He also called for improved detention conditions throughout the country.,“Perpetrators are consequently emboldened and silenced victims may develop grievances,” she added.  The weakness of the judicial system also has a negative impact on the prisons system she noted, with over 75 per cent of inmates estimated to be in a pre-trial detention — on average for 1,100 days — well over the limit set by national law.” ,Indigenous peoples make up less than six per cent of the world’s population, but account for 15 per cent of the poorest on earth, according to the Forum. They live in some 90 countries, represent 5,000 different cultures and speak the overwhelming majority of the world’s estimated 6,700 languages..

ipl on tata sky,CED members are confident that more victims worldwide will be found in the coming weeks and months, but stressed that this will require the active cooperation of state authorities, coordination of search and investigation procedures, and involvement of relatives of the disappeared. ,Looking forward, the UN expert highlighted that for youth approaching working age, the situation is more dire - “By 2030, some 85 percent of the more than 25 million young people entering the labour force globally will be in developing and emerging countries,” she noted. “Their perspectives to access jobs offering decent work will determine their level of vulnerability to exploitation, including slavery.”.

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Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Libya, Mauritania, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, Togo,ipl on tata sky,“What makes people flee their homes? People flee from war, hunger, violence, extreme poverty, and even adventure or love. I left Lebanon. I was in real danger of being killed because I was born into the wrong body, and wanted to talk about it.  .

“Simply responding with harsh words and an iron fist” risked violating international norms and seriously aggravating the situation to everyone’s disadvantage - including the Government’s”, he warned.,David Kaye, who’s the United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression, made the appeal as he prepared to present his latest report to the Human Rights Council in Geneva.,ipl on tata sky which channel,Factors fueling conflict and violence must be addressed as a matter of priority, he said, “including the arms trade, extraction industries, the acquisition of land for mining and other purposes, inequality, authoritarianism and environmental change and degradation.”.

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“Kenya’s successes include the allocation of a substantial annual budget geared toward specific measures for persons with albinism, who had historically been left behind in the key sectors of health and education and had fallen prey to ritual attacks and the consequent insecurities,” she said.,ipl on tata sky which channel,These women join the ranks of other Iranian human rights defenders who have been detained and convicted on national security-related charges for promoting women’s rights.,A man with a white coat pushed me into a place where there were shower heads, and I started saying my prayers, because we knew in the ghetto that the shower heads were false, that gas would come out and that we were going to die..

“Women and LGBT+ people experience discrimination and violence inflicted in the name of religion by State and non-State actors that impedes their ability to fully enjoy their human rights, including their right to freedom of religion or belief,” said Mr. Shaheed.,Meanwhile, the de facto authorities in Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas militants who broke away after winning elections in 2006, have shown little commitment to upholding human rights, and no adherence to international humanitarian law. ,“It is deeply worrying that no one has been prosecuted in connection with attacks last year,” they said. “The Government’s failure to hold pro-slavery perpetrators accountable sends a shockingly disturbing signal. Traditional and religious leaders who condone these violent attacks must also be held accountable.” ,ipl on tata sky.

Agnès Callamard, the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, made the appeal ahead of the first anniversary of the downing of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) Flight PS752. ,indian cricket team world records,As a member to the Genocide prevention treaty, Gambia “refused to stay silent”, and as a member of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the small African nation has taken legal action to assist the persecuted majority-Muslim Rohingya, with support by other Muslim countries.  ,The Opinion was delivered following a request by the UN General Assembly, and a request by Mauritius for the British Indian Ocean Territory, which includes the Chagos Archipelago, to be disbanded and the territory returned to the country,  as well as a legal challenge by Mauritius to the UK Government’s creation of a marine protected area around islands..

The Commission identified several overarching issues that lay at the core of most recommendations, such as Israel’s failure to uphold the laws and customs of war, including those of belligerent occupation, violations and abuses of individual and collective rights, and a lack of accountability. ,“It continues to be a driver of persistent inequality…to deny people their fundamental human rights”, added Secretary-General António Guterres in an address to the General Assembly, marking the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.,He reported that during the first six weeks of the coup, security forces took a “measured response” towards demonstrations.  ,ipl on tata sky which channel.

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Oleg Sentsov was arrested by Russian authorities in May 2014 in Crimea, and convicted to 20 years in a Russian prison, as a Russian citizen, on charges of terrorism. The Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea was annexed by Russia earlier that year, in contravention of international law.,They drew attention to allegations of extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrest and detention, enforced disappearance, torture and ill treatment, deprivation of due process; and assault on freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. ,Mr. Voule said civil society advocates have pointed out that such immunity will provide incentives for the actions of white supremacist vigilante groups and allow further violence against Black Lives Matter protesters. .

zulubet jackpot prediction,They continued to say that when it came to the capital proceedings, “the State betrayed her yet again, neglecting to consider these essential and determining facts as mitigating circumstances”. ,Citing figures from the Israeli Prison Service, the officials - Jamie McGoldrick, Humanitarian Coordinator in the occupied Palestinian territory; Genevieve Boutin, UNICEF Special Representative in State of Palestine; and James Heenan, Head of the UN Human Rights Office in the occupied Palestinian territory – said that 194 Palestinian children were detained as of the end of March..

The UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances (CED) is comprised of 10 independent international human rights experts. ,Meanwhile, Abdul Rahim bin Shapiee and Ong Seow Ping, two other men were convicted in 2018 of drug possession for the purpose of trafficking.,“Seafarers are at the heart of the global supply chain. They are also at the mercy of COVID-19 restrictions on travel and transit. This has led to hundreds of thousands of seafarers being denied repatriation, crew changes, shore leave and ultimately being forced to stay working on ships long beyond their contracts”, explained IMO Secretary General, Kitack Lim..

He was then reported to have been transferred to a small infirmary at premises in Caracas of the country’s intelligence services, but there has been no update on his condition, the OHCHR spokesperson explained.,Among the goals of that meeting were improvements in civil rights and education, preservation of the Roma culture and recognition of them a national minority of Indian native origin.,The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) will strengthen cooperation with OHCHR, as threats to individuals and communities defending their environmental and land rights intensify. Reports suggest that an average of more than three rights defenders were killed every week last year. .

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In June 2006, the Provisional Supervisory Judge issued an indictment against him and ordered him to be placed in pre-trial detention.,Speaking to journalists during an online press conference, Georgette Gagnon, Director of Field Operations, described how various countries had adopted a “heavy-handed” or “highly militarised” security response to the virus.,From unlawful killings, arbitrary detention and torture, to gang rape, slavery, and human trafficking, the report covers a 20-month period up to August 2018, and details a terrible litany of violations and abuses committed by a range of State officials, armed groups, smugglers and traffickers against migrants and refugees..

zulubet jackpot prediction,Ms. Bennoune said Poland was currently experiencing political and cultural polarization, with a Government trying to promote cultural expressions which reflect its worldview. She described the effort as “regressive cultural engineering” and criticised the use of the term “anti-Polish”, where it was being applied to those whose viewpoints differ from that of the Government.,UNHCR consistently advocates for the principle of non-refoulment, which states that anyone confirmed, or claiming to be in need of international protection, cannot be returned to a territory where their life or freedom are threatened. This principle is recognized as customary international law and is also enshrined in Thailand’s treaty obligations, according to UNHCR, although it is not a party to the 1951 UN Refugee Convention or its 1967 Protocol, defining the status of refugees..

“But treatment alone is not sufficient. We must work harder to reduce stigma and discrimination for people living with HIV at workplaces. They have a right to work and no one should deny them that,” she added.,“It has also been alleged that administrative regulations and measures are being used to impede the work of humanitarian NGOs”, said Mr. Colville.,In a vote adopted by 26 votes to seven with 14 abstentions, the 11-page resolution highlighted that 11.7 million people in the war-torn country remain in need of “full, timely, immediate, unhindered and safe humanitarian assistance”..

Moreover, he elaborated that “millions face deprivation, harassment, bullying and other infringements of their rights.”,Mr. Voule was also concerned that the laws create new legal immunity for people who injure or even kill peaceful street protestors. ,After Friday’s election, here’s how the Council will look from 1 January:.

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