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Innovation and technology, he continued, can be powerful tools for inclusion, enhancing access to information, education, and lifelong learning, opening new avenues for persons with disabilities to participate in the workforce and society at large on an equal basis.,zanzibet website,“The situation is also getting worse for migrants in Yemen, especially women, who are living in dire conditions in Yemen with little control over their lives,” said Christa Rottensteiner, Chief of the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Mission in the country. ,“Basic services are often unavailable to the population, worsening people’s living conditions and eroding their resilience to the point that a large majority is forced to adopt negative coping mechanisms.” .

It also offered an opportunity for the humanitarian community to increase funding towards the billion annual target, said Humanitarian Affairs chief Martin Griffiths, speaking on behalf of the Secretary-General.,“There are abundant examples in this region that point the way forward for empowerment and inclusion of everyone. But the question we must all address is: how can we increase ambition and accelerate implementation of the 2030 Agenda?” she added.,Success in achieving this target is measured by the reduction, on an annual basis, in the proportion of businesses, and people, who paid, or were asked to pay, a bribe to a public official.,ipl highest paid player of all time.

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“They are a unifying force and a rallying cry. They reflect the most fundamental thing we share – our common humanity.” ,ipl highest paid player ever,Renewable energy generation and energy efficiency improvements need to accelerate dramatically worldwide if development and climate goals are to be met over the next decade-and-a-half, adds the report – Progress Toward Sustainable Energy: Global Tracking Framework 2015..

On Myanmar, Mr. Guterres said the Asian country's authorities must end the military operations in Rakhine state, allow unhindered humanitarian access, and address the grievances of the Rohingya Muslims, whose status has been left unresolved for far too long.,While the Mechanism understands the historical sensitivity surrounding racial classifications in the country, the experts said they were “deeply concerned” by Swedish authorities’ reluctance to collect data disaggregated by race.,ipl highest paid player of all time,Other highlights include an event tomorrow on women’s economic empowerment; a ministerial-level Security Council debate, set for Wednesday 20 September, on reform of UN peacekeeping operations; as well as, immediately after the debate, a special meeting of the Assembly to commemorate the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons and a two-day high-level meeting on the UN Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons, set for 27-28 September..

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As part of the emergency response, the agency has also been working with partners to assist with family reunification and has reached more than 149,000 children and caregivers with psychosocial support.,He gave an example of Rwanda charging ,500 dollars per person for tourists to view its protected mountain gorillas, whose population is now rising. Acknowledging the large cost, he said that nonetheless it has “created a fantastic economy for Rwanda, for taxi drivers, for school teachers for hotel waiters. And the people around the national park will be the first to defend the gorillas because their livelihood depends on it.”,Speaking at the Forum, Liu Zhenmin, UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, said that he hoped the Declaration will help to shape the way forward to promote more and better funding for data and statistics: “The immediate next steps will be translating those ideas into action and ensuring that we maximize the effectiveness of funding for sustainable development data, as this is crucial to fulfil the data needs of the 2030 Agenda.”.

zanzibet website,“Collectively we have an opportunity to shape policies to reduce inequality, exploit frontier technologies and strengthen multilateralism for the benefit of all citizens across Asia and the Pacific,” she said.,“We must not allow xenophobic political narratives about migration distort our objective to enhance international cooperation on migration,” she added, stressing that “it is only with facts and context that we can have a respectful and realistic discussion about migration, one that pushes back on the many inaccurate and negative narratives being touted for short-term political gains and misguided policies.”.

Vulnerable inhabitants of the commune of Cité Soleil as well as those in other neighbourhoods of the capital, Port-au-Prince, have received items such as hygiene and baby supplies, plastic sheeting, jerry cans for water, blankets, solar lamps and repair items for houses from the UN’s International Organization for Migration (IOM).,These include requiring foreign fishing vessels wishing to enter ports to request permission in advance, transmitting detailed information on their identities, activities, and the fish they have onboard. Landings can only happen at specially designated ports equipped for effective inspections.,In the town of Montepuez, Cabo Delgado, in northern Mozambique, Zaina, a mother of four, is hosting her elderly mother, sister, and ten nieces and nephews, all of whom fled their villages due to the escalation of violence in the province. Now the relatives live together in Zaina's two-bedroom home and Zaina has welcomed them to stay while they are unable to return..

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Following a recent fact-finding visit to the country, UN human rights experts warned of increased political violence and polarization between communities across the world’s youngest country.,The politicization of humanitarian and refugee work is another form of failure, according to Mr. Grandi, who warned that humanitarian efforts are paralyzed by conflicting political agendas.,She said the pandemic has had a “deeply negative impact” on health and well-being; employment, businesses, incomes, education; and human rights, with “a particularly damaging effect on women and girls”. .

ipl highest paid player ever,“Throughout our work, we have contributed to a world that is more aware of its own inequalities. But we need now to use this knowledge to find common ground and agree on planned and urgent solutions to these issues.”,Henrietta Holsman Fore, Executive Director of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), spoke of the challenges facing the world today in supporting people “to move safely and by choice, to help them to make the most of the opportunities and support available to them – especially children and young people.”.

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The forum, which takes place from 3-6 October in Bern, Switzerland, comes at “a critical time as the world is still dealing with the pandemic,” Stefan Schweinfest, Director of the United Nations Statistics Division said.,ipl highest paid player ever,Mr. Junqueras and the three ministers were prosecuted, together with other officials, for the crime of rebellion, which entails a call for a violent uprising against the constitutional order, the group of experts said. .

The UN chief was speaking to journalists following a visit to the Jeddah Rehabilitation Centre in northern Iraq, where he met returnees from the notorious Al-Hol camp, whose residents are mainly women and children under 12. ,With persistent labour market challenges, supply-chain disruptions, rising inflation and looming debt traps, the recovery is now slowing down drastically.,ipl highest paid player of all time,Speaking at a high-level event on financing for development in the era of COVID-19 and beyond, António Guterres said that while countries reacted swiftly to the global crisis, mobilizing a fiscal response of more than .5 trillion globally, only a fraction was accounted for by developing and emerging economies. .

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“You are young. It’s your time now, not tomorrow. Use your youth power, for it’s your future to define,” the UN deputy chief told the gathering. ,ipl highest paid player of all time,“[The youth] know that for the sake of their future, we need to transform our economies and embrace new, sustainable patterns of production and consumption,” she added, noting that perhaps most damaging of all, “young people are witnessing the manmade destruction of our natural environment.”,The format will break down the topics into six “dialogues”, pairing a leader of a developing country, with the head of a developed country as co-moderators..

Briefing journalists in Geneva via Zoom, Mr. Diop explained that the total number of appealed for international assistance to safeguard pastoralists’ livelihoods ahead of the lean season, which is usually from June to August.,With digital technology frequently crossing borders, international cooperation, the Survey shows, is needed to bring about harmonized standards, greater flexibility in the area of intellectual property rights and ensuring that the market does not remain dominated by a tiny number of extremely powerful companies.,We are a youth voluntary platform that supports and empowers Syrian youth, living inside the country and abroad, in raising awareness and working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and cooperating to find solutions to challenges faced by young people. ,ipl highest paid player ever.

“Least developed countries with a strong government commitment, recognizing the importance of digital technologies for national development, and backed by enlightened policy and regulatory actions including steps to develop skills, can achieve universal and affordable access to the Internet,” added Houlin Zhao, the Secretary-General of the UN International Telecommunication Union (ITU).,when ipl auction 2022 will start,He also spoke of his country’s commitment to human rights, noting that Nepal’s Constitution bans death penalty in all circumstances. He also spoke of strengthening of the country’s human rights commission as well as protection of the rights of women and other disadvantaged sections of the society.,Facilitated by Special Envoy Grundberg and the International Committee of the Red Cross, the agreement involves the freeing of 887 conflict-related detainees, held over the course of more than eight years of clashes between Yemen’s Government and Houthi opposition fighters that are widely believed to have killed thousands and created what the UN has described as the worst humanitarian emergency in the world..

However, providing the required finance for SDG7 and for transferring the necessary technology, is a huge undertaking that requires national policies and stronger international support.,Childhood obesity data for WHO’s European Region, paints an alarming picture.,The application of the local development approach requires that all key actors, including governments, the private sector, financial institutions, civil society and development partners, work together to succeed, according to speakers at the gathering organized by UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ugandan Government, and supported by a wide range of partners.,ipl highest paid player of all time.

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Somalia is also reeling from conflict and instability, which are worsening hunger, and restricting the supply of aid to those who need it. These conditions are expected to last through to at least March 2023.,She said that both the Organization and the private sector need to step up efforts and scale up partnerships to generate results that would “reach the furthest communities and villages.”,“Despite mounting challenges, aid workers and organizations have stayed and are delivering. Humanitarian organizations reached more than 2.5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance last year.”.

zanzibet website,These challenges could be overcome “even within the lifetime of a national government of four years” said Dr. Zsuzanna Jakaba, WHO Europe’s Regional Director.,World merchandise trade volume is expected to grow just 3 per cent this year, down from the previous forecast of 4.7 per cent, and 3.4 per cent in 2023, though these figures could be revised given the uncertainty surrounding the conflict.   .

“Human rights violations and unacceptable practices at different stages of the value chain are increasing in fisheries and aquaculture”, she added.  ,Women are still far less likely to participate in the labour market – and the gender pay gap remains a global concern. Youth unemployment is alarmingly high in many countries across the world, he said.,Calling farmers "one of the important frontline defenders" in the battle to contain the growing threat of AMR, Dr. Lubroth urged them to practice good farm hygiene, get veterinary advice before using antimicrobials and to exchange best-practices with neighbours. .

Fall armyworm (FAW for short) have been moving steadily east since 2016 and caused up to billion-worth of damage to crops across Africa, according to reports. They lay eggs which develop fast into grubs, which can devastate crops such as maize, rice and sugarcane, overnight.  ,He described the ships that he had just seen in the Marmara Sea and Istanbul is only the more visible part of the solution. The other part of this package deal, he said, is the unimpeded access to the global markets of Russian food and fertilizer, which are not subject to sanctions. ,“We will also sharpen our focus on youth employment in order to meet one of the most pressing challenges faced by the world today.”.

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“The latest exodus from Myanmar is now officially defined as being a protracted situation,” UNHCR spokesperson Shabia Mantoo told journalists at a regular press briefing in Geneva.,Here, in the second of a series providing a snapshot of the Main Committees, the UN News Centre takes a look at the Second Committee.,“One of my creative responses to this pandemic has been to start making face masks. A lot of the masks that people are wearing right now are literally offering no protection, apart from maybe reassurance to others. I am designing multi-filtered silk masks which actually will protect people while still making them feel good; I don’t want people to look scary in masks or look like a nurse, or as though they’re in an apocalypse..

zanzibet website,She also noted that the UN will be collaborating with the AU on a new UN-European Union initiative to be launched at the UN General Assembly this September to end gender-based violence around the world.,In addition to promoting cooperation between space-faring and emerging space nations, UNISPACE+50 saw Member Sates pledge their collective efforts to enhance the ways space science is used for sustainable development..

Despite local negative trends, the report points out that, overall, global food production is booming. In addition, production gains are being recorded in many low-income food-deficit countries, where the aggregate cereal output is forecast to grow by two per cent this year.,“The international community would not be able to have successes in development if Africa does not succeed its development taking advantage of its youth 'dividend' youth,” he said, adding that neither world the global community secure lasting peace and security if Africa is not able to manage not only its conflicts, but above all, to make strong effort at conflict prevention and resolution.,However, he said, the work of statisticians, characterised as not being “the most sexy profession,” is drawing a lot of attention in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was adopted at a high-level summit in September 2015 and includes 17 goals and 169 targets..

Launching his latest policy brief, on tourism, Secretary-General António Guterres, pointed out that the industry “employs one-in-every-ten people on Earth and provides livelihoods to hundreds of millions more”.,Now in his 40s, Mr. Sabally was able to take up the opportunity of free technical training, provided by a UN-led training programme, in 2018; having completed the course, he found work as an engineer, supervising the construction of culverts – raised roads that allow his community to cross land that is inundated by floods, a consequence of climate change that is affecting many parts of the country.,Issued by the region’s Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, the IGAD Regional Focus on Food Crises report sounds the alarm over escalating food insecurity and malnutrition in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan..

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