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They recently fired Byron Leftwich from that position and have an opening and a lot of questions on that side of the ball. Ultimately, the Patriots got to him first, but Rick Stroud believes the Buccaneers have had a long interest in O'Brien.Stroud tweeted:,zulubet midweek jackpot,In 2022, he was acquired by the Jacksonville Jaguars. This season, Kirk started 17 games and helped his team clinch a playoff berth. This has been his best season in the NFL so far. He's recorded 84 receptions for 1,108 yards and eight touchdowns.,However, Orlovskly was recently heavily trolled for an absurd take on a food team. The entire NFL world clowned him for it, as not many people have tried doing such a thing before.Dan Orlovsky had a very new idea on how to eat tacos, and here's what he said about it:.

The Cowboys' offense was simply too strong for the Buccaneers, and they fell to a 14-31 defeat on Monday night. Following his team's elimination from the playoffs, Bowles insisted that he won't rebuild, but instead reload the team to prepare for the 2023 season.,It was later reported that Gage suffered a concussion and was admitted to the hospital. Players from both teams got together when Gage was hurt and prayed for the receiver's health.Here's what Todd Bowles said about Russell Gage after the game:,CB: Anthony Brown,kinect zoo.

zulubet midweek jackpot

It goes to show that Purdy could be a dominant presence for years to come, as in his rookie year he is producing great numbers. It also shows that Prescott can still find the end zone but makes costly mistakes.Let’s focus on the good from both teams, in particular their defenses. San Francisco arguably had a much better pass defense in the secondary, with two of the interceptions mentioned earlier and maybe three more that bounced off defenders' hands.,kinect xenia,When the Green Bay Packers QB was asked if he was vaccinated, he replied with the misleading quote. As this happened before Rodgers tested positive, it raised eyebrows when he did.He later addressed the situation, stating that he did not lie during the press conference:.

Even this season, they were 2-6 and 4-8 at different points in the season before winning their final five games to win the AFC South and finish 9-8. Now, after their latest victory against the Chargers, they can dare to dream. With Trevor Lawrence coming along and an astute coach like Doug Pederson in charge, they are nicely positioned for years to come.,Some Dallas Cowboys free agents will leave and some will remain. It is mainly about balancing cost management for future contracts for Parsons, whilst economically improving their offensive line, secondary and receiving corps.,kinect zoo,So, could Rodgers move to New York and link up with his former offensive coordinator? The answer is likely no as the Jets do not have that many offensive weapons for Rodgers to utilize, but they have a playoff-caliber defense..

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If any of the above quotes are used, please credit the Pat McAfee Show and H/T Sportskeeda.,It is commonly known that Richardson, a one-year starting QB for Florida and a potential pick in the 2022 draft, suffered consistency issues. Still, he frequently produced explosive moments that would excite scouts.,Here are some of the most well-known free agents that could be picked up by NFL teams during the postseason:.

zulubet midweek jackpot,Having missed the postseason and keeping all the factors above in mind, the Green Bay Packers might be deciding to move on from Aaron Rodgers in the coming offseason. Both parties are aware of each other's intentions, though the future Hall-of-Famer has yet to make a decision on whether he will play next season.,Here, I fill out a full starting lineup of 11 offensive and defensive players each, along with a group of four specialists. I listed seven key backups on each side of the ball (plus three more honorable mentions, who largely didn’t get a chance to put together a full body of work), along with a couple of names who I thought deserved to feature..

Ownership of the Oakland Roots is just one of Lynch's many business endeavors since his retirement. He also bought ownership in the NHL's Seattle Kraken.,The Dallas Cowboys are coming to a critical offseason. It can be argued that they were only a couple of pieces away this season, but they're potentially about to lose a lot of players.,Here's what Aaron Rodgers said:.

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Despite agreeing to hire him as the head coach, Bethune-Cookman University withdrew their interest in the candidate due to an inability to agree to contract terms, according to Pro Football Talk.,kinect xenia,Beasley won't be starting the game against the Bengals, but will be in the spotlight, especially after his last performance. He has played three games and has started in only one game this season with the Bills..

Will the Dallas Cowboys or San Francisco 49ers steal the top spot before the final snap of the 2022-23 season?,Coming into the divisional round, there was a particular focus on the Cincinnati Bengals taking on the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo. The AFC divisional matchup would not only determine who would advance to the AFC Championship game, but also where it would be played.,kinect zoo,The Philadelphia Eagles are getting ready to host their division rivals, the New York Giants, on Saturday during the divisional round of the NFL playoffs..

Vrabel, a one-time teammate, could offer some chemistry for Brady should the latter join the Titans. While Vrabel's coaching style isn't often associated with "The Patriot Way," he has no choice but to borrow from the coaching style of his playing days.,kinect zoo,Diggs' teammate and quarterback Josh Allen arrived in a white hoodie with a Bills cap, giving his signature thumbs-up:,The Chicago Bears ranked 31st in rushing yards allowed and 32nd in rushing touchdowns allowed in the NFL. The Bears let go of notable run defenders Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks and Danny Trevathan this past offseason as Eberflus kickstarted a rebuild on the defensive side of the ball. The Bears switched to a 4-3 scheme that is supposed to put pressure on the interior of the offensive line (guards/centers), which should free up space for linebackers to roam..

Since the 1995 season, Dallas has failed to win more than one game per postseason appearance. Mike McCarthy should not be blamed for the franchise's previous playoff struggles. But he is now tasked with putting an end to their prolonged Super Bowl drought.,The Chicago Bears ended the 2022 NFL season with the worst regular season record in the entire league. They were dead last out of the 32 participatory teams, and they now possess the first overall pick heading into the 2023 NFL Draft. Many suggestions have been made regarding that pick, but we aren't here to pay any attention to such speculations. Here, we will look at how many picks Chicago has for the 2023 NFL Draft.,He might have lost Tyreek Hill in the offseason due to his trade to the Dolphins, but he still has the best tight end in the game, Travis Kelce. Mahomes has taken advantage of his options with the Chiefs, putting the team in pole position to make yet another Super Bowl appearance under the tutelage of Andy Reid.,kinect xenia.

Cap space isn’t a problem for the Jets in 2023. With their young defense improving, adding Lamar Jackson makes them a serious Super Bowl threat in the 2023 NFL season.,wi t20 world cup squad,Gage himself has since dropped a message on social media for his fans, thanking them for their support:,Reaching the Conference Championship round is extremely difficult each year, so making it to consecutive seasons is an epic challenge. Appearing in this contest several years in a row can be one of the characteristics of an NFL dynasty. This is especially true for the following three teams, featuring only three in NFL history to appear in a Conference Championship game in at least five consecutive seasons..

He's one of the few NFL players known to people beyond the realms of the sport. This is vital if you are to get regular Hollywood roles.,The Buffalo Bills fans went wild as their favorite wide receiver threw the ball that far and high. The wide receiver is well-known for talking to young fans and taking photos during pre-game warmups.,Rob Gronkowski was courted for an NFL return all year, especially by Tom Brady. With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers struggling, Brady and company needed help. Despite that, the future Hall of Fame tight end ignored the calls.,kinect zoo.

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The position of head coach in the NFL is crucial to a team's success. There are numerous tasks that must be managed to ensure a team's success, and the head coach is responsible for overseeing the majority of them.,Tampa Bay still managed to clinch the NFC South title due to a poorly contested division. However, they didn't stand much of a chance against Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card round.,Some fans, though, have been keen to learn whether these teams can sign free agents during the postseason.During the playoffs, NFL teams are eligible to sign players who aren't under contract. They can also sign players from other teams' practice squads that aren't participating in the postseason. However, teams are not allowed to trade players during the playoffs..

zulubet midweek jackpot,The 49ers beat the Dallas Cowboys to punch their ticket to the NFC Championship Game against the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday. San Francisco's defense had an outstanding game, picking off Dak Prescott twice and sacking him once in a stellar display.,Philadelphia, on the other hand, needed a win in their final game to clinch the top seed and though they did get the job done, their end-of-season form was generally patchy..

This is the duration of a player's contract. Usually, players sign contracts between 4-5 years long, but some players have signed contracts with lengths spanning 10 years (Patrick Mahomes).,Dak Prescott has played seven NFL seasons for the Dallas Cowboys. Prescott was selected by the Cowboys in the fourth round of the 2016 draft with the 135th selection.,The role of a general manager is challenging, and it is only right that anyone entrusted with the role gets paid appropriately..

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took a huge step back this season with Tom Brady under center. The team was 25th in the NFL for points per game (18.4 points), the worst in Brady's three seasons with the franchise. As a result, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich was let go from the role.,They appear to be a group that may make it to the Super Bowl, given their performance. Still, before they can start dreaming, they must win their upcoming game against the 49ers.,They have a very talented roster. They've got a great quarterback and several good weapons on offense. The defense, while not balanced, has a few strong pieces, too. An elite head coach, something McCarthy continues to prove he's not, could very well be the final piece the Cowboys need. McCarthy lined up with one single offensive lineman on the final play of Sunday's loss. That lineman was Ezekiel Elliott. He snapped the ball and was immediately blown up by his pass rusher, forcing Prescott to get rid of the ball and resulted in a short completion to end the game..

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Back in 2011, Sharpe made a cameo on the show American Dad in a different role: freelance alien hunter. The Hall of Famer was introduced to CIA agents Stan Smith, Dick Reynolds, Jackson, and John Sanders.,Former NFL coach Mike Smith spoke on Sportskeeda's "Ballfather" podcast in an exclusive interview to discuss the Chiefs-Bengals' upcoming matchup. He credited Cincinnati's win:,Super Bowl LVII is quickly approaching, which means some of the year's best commercials will entertain fans during the game. Budweiser, which is part of the Anheiser-Busch company, will take a different approach for this year's commercial. The company will spend the majority of their budget for the game, airing commercials for three of their brands: Bud Light, Michelob Ultra and Busch Light..

zulubet midweek jackpot,The two teams have already played once this season and Burrow won the matchup 27-24. Will the injured quarterback snap the losing streak to reach his third Super Bowl appearance? The winner of the game will face either Jalen Hurts or Brock Purdy in the Super Bowl.,That gives them the option of playing a bitter rival with Super Bowl aspirations in the Cowboys, who narrowly defeated the Eagles last time out. In each of their two matchups, one team has been without their starting quarterback this season..

Home-ground advantage can be important during the playoffs; the home teams won five of the six matchups during the Wild Card Round, but the last time a No. 1 seed won the Super Bowl was in Super Bowl 52.,The Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals will get a taste of this when they meet during the Divisional Round of the 2022 NFL Playoffs. The Bills will host the game at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York, an area well known for its intense wintery conditions. The weather forecast for the game will personify this, including temperatures in the low-30's and around three inches of snow accumulating during the course of the game.While the weather may be a bit extreme for this game, it comes nowhere near the most intense wintery conditions in NFL history. The following three games represent the coldest games ever recorded, making this matchcup between the Bills and the Bengals look like a summer vacation.,Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t seem a likely target, given the fact that if Jerry Jones really wanted him, he would have been signed to help with the team’s playoff run..

Robbie Gould, a place-kicker for the San Francisco 49ers, is currently the oldest player in the playoffs with Tom Brady out of the postseason as San Francisco faces the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC championship game. He celebrated his 40th birthday on Dec. 6.,The Denver Broncos had a horrible 2022 regular season, with the side receiving all sorts of flack for the duration of the season. The Broncos closed out the season with a hard-to-decipher 5-12 record. That is despite them coming into this season as one of the favorites to make a Super Bowl run.,Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman seemingly had the perfect marriage, as seen from the outside. However, little did the public know that there was trouble in paradise..