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The UN chief stressed that the Organization must reach gender parity, starting from the upper echelons, noting that his Executive Office now has a staff ratio of 56 per cent for women against 44 per cent for men. The female-male ratio was 40 per cent to 60 per cent when he started as the top executive.   ,zeus on a moose card game,Among the screenings are films showing how a Liberian woman “braved the tide of hate that was sweeping over” her war-torn country by bringing women together to sing for peace; how micro-credit is helping women climb out of poverty; and the struggles of girls and women in strongly patriarchal and traditional societies.,Asked about these countries, Mr. Floyd replied “they have their own calculus and strategic objectives and geopolitical considerations as to whether they feel free to move forward”, adding that they all support the CTBT and its objectives. .

Moreover, partners are also extending their cash programmes also in these areas. ,In this feature, part of a series exploring the fight against trafficking in the Sahel, UN News focuses on the illegal arms trade that is fuelling conflict and terrorism.,“From ‘MeToo’ to ‘Time’s Up’ and ‘The Time is Now’ […] women and girls are calling out abusive behaviour and discriminatory attitudes,” he added.,team india dominates world cup.

What iszeus on a moose card game?

zeus on a moose card game

The experts noted that the application of the legislation is in its embryonic stage, and they encouraged the judiciary to guarantee that a victim-centred approach is applied in the future.  ,team india delhi staium performance,“There wasn’t a single free square meter, I’ve never seen anything like that in my life, and people just kept coming,” said Svetlana, an interpreter who works with the UN and other organizations, helping them to communicate with the local population and refugees..

“This is a truly encouraging new development that can revolutionize our ability to keep mothers and babies alive,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.,Globally, the number stands at 59 million.,team india dominates world cup,After having their first child, additional childbearing in adolescence is common for child mothers, said UNFPA..

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team india dominates world cup

She observed that although humanitarians are delivering vital aid, “the needs are immense”.  ,In addition, an independent commission, established by the World Health Organization (WHO), reported on cases concerning personnel responding to the tenth Ebola virus epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.,Eight brutal years of conflict have left around 11 million children in need of humanitarian assistance and many of their families facing serious malnourishment..

zeus on a moose card game,The devastating harm caused by explosive weapons falling on population centres has been seen again and again, from Syria to Ethiopia, Myanmar and Iraq. The flood of images coming out of Ukraine have shocked many. On top of the deaths, the use of these weapons is a cause for long-term harm, destroying livelihoods, and vital infrastructure such as health care facilities. ,“I vehemently condemn the obstinacy of the Coalition of Patriots for Change and other armed groups who continue to spread terror, insecurity and suffering among the civilian population and victims of violations and abuses,” said Yao Agbetse, who monitors rights abuses in CAR..

On the side-lines of the Commission on the Status of Women, the UN Global Compact – the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative – brought together business leaders from around the world to a roundtable at UN Headquarters in New York on Thursday, to find ways to address the stumbling blocks to gender equality.,The UN chief said the award was part of a "growing movement to recognize the violence and injustice" faced by women and girls, the world over.,UNICEF is urging governments to implement national family-friendly policies that support early childhood development, including paid paternity and maternity leave, free pre-primary education, and paid breastfeeding breaks..

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“Our collective commitment not to forget constitutes a commitment to prevent” said UN Special Adviser on Genocide, Alice Wairimu Nderitu, in a statement issued on Wednesday. ,team india delhi staium performance,In this personal and frank appeal, Ms. Mohammed calls on all people, but especially men and boys, to stop violence against women and stand alongside “our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our partners.”.

Born in Nigeria and living in the United States, Ms. Itua said she wants to create awareness and give voice to women who do not have a platform to speak out about social ills, particularly rural women.,“It is one of our commitments to implement the Women, Peace and Security agenda under the Secretary-General’s Action for Peacekeeping Initiative (A4P) and will remain a priority” during the next phase of A4P and A4P+, said Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations (DPO).,team india dominates world cup,He urged countries in the region “to cooperate fully with the Agency, with a view to achieving peaceful co-existence through confidence building and transparency”.  .

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In the findings, the Committee found that, by being prevented from passing their indigenous status onto new generations, J.E.M. – a matrilineal indigenous descendant from a long line of leaders of the Capilano Community – and his children, were victims of violations rooted in the discriminatory nature of Canada’s Indian Act, the primary law used to administer indigenous peoples.,zeus on a moose card game,In a press statement issued late on Friday, the UN Security Council expressed its “deep concern” over the continued clashes, condemning all attacks on civilians, and calling for “rapid, safe and unhindered humanitarian access throughout Sudan”.,Highlighting the devastating and lasting consequences of the war on millions of the country’s youngsters, UN Children’s Fund UNICEF, maintained that most of the victims were from “attacks using explosive weapons in populated areas”, a claim supported by the UN human rights office, OHCHR..

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team india dominates world cup

Yet, more than 70 years after the international community adopted a convention on genocide prevention and punishment, “the threat of genocide remains present in many places around the world,” he warned. ,The Government of CAR and the UN stabilization mission (MINUSCA) signed a new plan on Tuesday amid recent flaring tensions.,“I strongly urge the parties to complete the full implementation of the terms of the truce without delay in order to uphold the interests of all Yemenis, who continue to suffer from one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world,” he said in a statement..

zeus on a moose card game,The majority of detainees were advocating for lifting the driving ban and for improvements in women’s rights within Saudi Arabia. Many of those detained face extremely serious charges, such as 20 years in prison, according to reports.,“It is the only way to avoid widespread food shortages, deepening climate chaos, and a wave of poverty and destitution that will leave no country untouched”. .

UN Women’s Beyond COVID-19: A Feminist Plan for Sustainability and Social Justice, draws on the latest data, analysis, and input from more than 100 global experts to provide concrete pathways for putting gender equality, environmental sustainability, and social justice at the centre of global development efforts.,Acute hunger is soaring to unprecedented levels – WFP chief,Following the Taliban takeover last August, UN agencies and their partners remained in Afghanistan, providing aid to nearly 23 million people, or nearly 94 per cent of all those who require support. .

I didn’t know that the birth complications, and many of my other health issues, were linked to cutting. I eventually found out when I was approached by the Communication for Development Foundation Uganda (CDFU), and attended a meeting on FGM.,Speaking at a special event at UN Headquarters today to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Mr. Ban applauded the Third Committee for passing its first-ever resolution on ending female genital mutilation.,Assembly President Csaba Kőrösi said that, for almost a full year, the world body, UN Secretary-General, and international community have been consistent and vocal in calls to end this war, and to adhere to the UN Charter and international law..

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UN Secretary-General António Guterres, speaking at UN Headquarters in New York, said that "in defending the victims of sexual violence in conflict, they have defended our shared values.",The 55-member body was founded in July 2002, and ambassadors met to discuss how UN collaboration with the organization has grown, and where progress still needs to be made. ,Having served as one of the four ECOSOC Vice-Presidents, Ms. Juul was elected by acclamation on Thursday morning..

zeus on a moose card game,Myanmar has been preparing for the return of hundreds of thousands of workers – some 650,000 are in Thailand alone – and one of the key tasks was to set up quarantine facilities for those returning migrants and carry out awareness raising on COVID-19 health messaging and prevention of gender-based violence – a key concern among the women migrant returnees. Sandi Swe, who has been working in a quarantine facility since March 2020, shared her experience with UN News. ,Ms. McCain said food distribution is expected to begin in four states - Gedaref, Gezira, Kassala and White Nile – in the coming days. .

Despite some positive developments over the past few months, the Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan said they have been “too few and too slow and they are outweighed by the negatives”.,“It severely impairs women’s equal participation and decision-making in political, economic and social affairs and the enjoyment of their human rights including the rights to freedom of movement, education, work, access to justice, privacy and family life,” they stressed.,“When I was younger, I felt disempowered and disconnected from leadership,” she said. “That is not where we should be now.”.

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“Families in the villages no longer have seven or eight children, but it is not easy for parents to raise four or five children. Many of them seek to give their daughters to wealthier families. As a rule, the parties agree among themselves, and everything happens quietly”.,“Africa is a diverse continent, rich with different countries and different cultures and natural resources. Africa has the talent – men and women,” said Ms. Itua. Men and women alike, she said, must understand that  women can be powerful agents of development.,“This proposal is not about Russia alone. It will work for the benefit of all those who are being threatened now or might be threatened later by use of force,” he said..

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zeus on a moose card game,The Global Forum is the UNAOC’s highest-profile event, and this marks the first time that it is being held in Africa. ,“But we cannot limit our collective efforts to the humanitarian response alone. Syria is devastated, divided, and impoverished, in an active state of conflict, its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity compromised,” he said. .

While noting that these initiatives should help deliver transformative change, he said much more remains to be done.,Addressing a private meeting of the Council, Roza Otunbayeva reiterated to ambassadors that Taliban decisions including the ban on girls attending high school, preventing women from going to university, and barring them from doing humanitarian work, are all “grave violations of fundamental rights”, according to UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric.,Determined to ensure that they did not harm colleagues and the civilian population, he single-handedly led an operation to clear and secure the house, where he was shot and killed..

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team india dominates world cup

“UNFPA is committed to meeting the critical health and protection needs of women and girls,” said Kunle Adeniyi, UNFPA representative in Sri Lanka. ,Crediting improved education, employment and other key areas, the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said on Wednesday that East African countries can put better policies in place to address gender inequalities and bring women further into the workforce.,“Every new wave of warfare brings with it a rising tide of human tragedy, including new waves of war’s oldest, most silenced, and least-condemned crime,” she said. .

zeus on a moose card game,“We still have a long way to go, but we are seeing progress,” he said.,In launching its investigation on 2 January, the Burkina Faso transitional government declared that it is “fundamentally opposed to any form of abuse or human rights violations on any grounds” and reiterated its commitment to protect all civilians without any distinction..

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“I have been working in the digital economy in the MENA Region for the last two decades, and I have seen how it has gone through some revolutionary changes. The digitalization of the global economy is core to the way the world is moving, but women remain very underserved, and we need to bring more of them on board. ,advertise my website free,The practice is a long-standing tradition documented in at least 20 countries, spanning all regions of the world. Women and girls are often forced to undergo virginity testing for various reasons, including requests from parents or potential partners to establish marriage eligibility or even from potential employers.,WHO echoed the message on their official Twitter account, reminding that removing barriers to abortion “protects women’s lives, health and human rights”..

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“The Bill will substantially hamper victims’ access to remedy before criminal and civil courts for the serious human rights violations and abuses suffered. It would further preclude information recovery and reparations for those victims who have for decades struggled to get justice and redress for the harm endured,” the experts said in a statement. ,team india dominates world cup,The event featured a high-level panel focusing on the public-sector financing of science for green growth, investment to attract and retain high calibre women in science, and financing to ensure gender equality in science.,“OHCHR is concerned about the so-called Supreme Court of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic sentencing three servicemen to death,” said Ms. Shamdasani. “According to the chief command of Ukraine, all the men were part of the Ukrainian armed forces and if that is the case, they should not be considered as mercenaries.”.

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“The Secretary-General expresses his deepest condolences to the families of the victims, as well as to the Government and people of Egypt, whose soldiers continue to pay the highest price in the service of peace in Mali. He wishes a speedy recovery to the injured,” his spokesperson said in a statement, which also urged the authorities to bring those responsible to justice swiftly.,99 card game rules,She undertook an eight-day mission to Iraq, which ended on Monday, prior to which she was in Sudan from 18 to 25 February.,Beginning her briefing with a wider perspective, Wairimu Nderitu said that hateful and contentious narratives that form in the wake of growing hostility, violence and discrimination, could have a “devastating impact” on societies at large..

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Kodi Moumdau gave birth last year but her child was stillborn and in the process of delivery a fistula, or tear, developed between her vagina and anus. Fistulas of this type can result in a lack of bowel and urine control, leading to embarrassment and shame amongst women who are suffering the condition.,adelaide odi shikhar dhawan stats,"Yesterday, all parties made clear commitments on the global stage to ensure the safe movement of Ukrainian grain and related products to global markets. These products are desperately needed to address the global food crisis and ease the suffering of millions of people in need around the globe. Full implementation by the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Turkey is imperative", António Guterres said in a statement published by his spokesperson.,UN Secretary-General António Guterres was speaking in Sweden alongside Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, where he is attending the Stockholm+50 conference, which he described as “a crucial opportunity to bolster our response to the triple planetary emergency of climate disruption, pollution and biodiversity loss.”.

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zeus on a moose card game

The UN envoy will continue his engagement with the parties towards fully consolidating all elements of the truce, and a sustainable political settlement to the conflict. ,“In other words, conflict and poverty are deeply intertwined. The pandemic has only aggravated this dire situation”, she pointed out.,Whether it’s homicide, road accidents, suicide, cardiovascular disease - time and time again, men are doing worse than women - Dr. Richard Cibulskis, WHO.

The incident took place that morning near the village of Songobia, in central Mali, as their supply convoy was heading to its base in Sévaré.,Russian missiles and drones have rained down on several cities, including the capital, Kyiv, she reported, destroying or damaging homes and severely disrupting critical services. ,The senior UN official further said that there have also been widespread and independently verified reports of the transfer of major conventional weapon systems to local armed groups in Ukraine, including artillery rocket systems..

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Noting the increased use of private security companies in the country’s mining industry, the experts also voiced concern over the alleged involvement of contractors, in dealing with concerns of local communities.  ,He said the proposal would provide for the sides to reach agreement on a mechanism for the regular payment of civil servant salaries and pensions, the opening of roads in Taiz and other governorates, opening additional destinations to and from the airport in the capital, Sana’a, and providing fuel to the ports of Hudaydah, and ensuring regular flows. ,During his four-day visit, Mr. Griffiths met with the transitional Government in the capital, Bamako..

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“Any war is ultimately a war on children,” said UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell.,On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated on 11 February, the UN spoke to two PhD fellows at the university, both of whom are studying the impact of Covid-19 in Africa, to find out what inspired them to become scientists, and how to attract more women and girls to study science.,Regarding the 25 allegations relating to non-UN implementing organisation staff, two have been substantiated through an investigation and the perpetrators were dismissed by their employer. One allegation was not substantiated, 14 are at various stages of investigation, seven under preliminary assessment and one allegation was closed at the request of the victim..

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Although acknowledging significant victories achieved over recent decades, the UN chief stressed progress has been slow.  Meanwhile, regressive laws have resurfaced, violence targeting women and girls has increased, and the “seismic shocks” of the COVID-19 pandemic have decimated many gains.  ,“The world needs the talents and perspectives of all women to solve our biggest challenges, from rebuilding the global economy to fighting systemic racism to tackling climate change”, the UN chief said. ,The ship departed the Turkish capital, Istanbul, on Wednesday after clearing inspection by the Joint Coordination Centre (JCC), the mechanism that supports implementation of the UN-brokered agreement on resuming grain exports from Ukraine. .

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The incident took place that morning near the village of Songobia, in central Mali, as their supply convoy was heading to its base in Sévaré.,While noting that these initiatives should help deliver transformative change, he said much more remains to be done.,War-torn Syria and neighbouring Türkiye were rocked by twin earthquakes on 6 February, which killed more than 56,000 people and caused widespread destruction, displacing millions.  .

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“I was in my office on 15 August 2021. At 8 a.m., one of my colleagues came in and told me to close the office, and sent all the women home. The Taliban were at the gates of Kabul. I was studying, finalising my master’s degree; I was the leader of a civil society organisation; and I was running two businesses.,“When we exclude women, everyone pays the price. When we include women, the whole world wins,” he said.,“Decades of violence and its toll on both Israelis and Palestinians, as well as a prolonged absence of meaningful negotiations and a failure to resolve the key issues fuelling the conflict, have created fertile ground for this dynamic.”.

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At a virtual roundtable discussion on Thursday, the Peace Operations chief, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, stressed the importance of continuing to prioritize the UN’s Action for Peacekeeping’s (A4P) Women, Peace and Security (WPS) commitments during the pandemic.,The resolution specifically sanctions notorious gang leader, Jimmy Cherizier, an ex-police officer who is reportedly the most powerful gang boss in the country, known by his alias “Barbeque”.,While total fertility across the globe has fallen, the UNFPA report shows that women who began childbearing in adolescence, had almost five births by the time they reached 40, during the period examined in the report, between 2015 and 2019. .

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The perilous situation continues to hamper lifesaving aid operations, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which described how medical services in many places were now “seriously stretched”.,Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric told a regular press briefing in New York, that the report reflects how UN teams have work to adapt their practices in every country to continue lifesaving efforts “without disruption”.  ,A portable diagnostic system that helps pregnant women with early detection, timely referral, and effective management of pre-eclampsia - a life-threatening hypertensive disorder causing up to 10 per cent of pregnancy-related deaths in Africa. .

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Ukraine and Russia account for roughly 30 per cent of the world’s exported wheat and barley, one fifth of its maize, and over half of its sunflower oil. ,“This is a pervasive issue across our society as even highly literate men in business and in government don’t want their women to vote,” said Lida Sherzad, an advocate working with the Afghanistan Women’s Network (AWN). “There is an immense price to pay in terms of psychological damage and pressure on women, including their children, and these mothers are asking me why they should even participate in elections if no one is protecting them.”,With the most cross-cutting thematic priority of “capacity-building for the twenty-first century,” the event is discussing innovative approaches to meet the 2030 Agenda..

zeus on a moose card game,Click here to see this year’s commemorative events around the world.,The Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), established by UN Women and the UN Global Compact, offer guidance to businesses, regardless of their size or sector.  .

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