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And despite equal property rights, says the report, women’s land ownership remains low in many countries: just 35 per cent in Kenya and Uganda own their own land, and 46 per cent in Rwanda.,zynga poker app download,The text was approved by consensus on Monday by the General Assembly’s so-called Third Committee, which deals with social, humanitarian and cultural issues, and will be acted on by the Assembly next month.,The IAEA continued to observe construction activities at the Yongbyon nuclear facilities, as well as indications that the five-megawatt nuclear reactor was operating.  .

“We face unprecedented and interlocking crises,” UN Secretary-General António Guterres said in his briefing at the Council’s ministerial-level open debate on effective multilateralism through the defence of the principles of the UN Charter.,In a statement issued on behalf of the UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Mr. Dujarric, said the UN chief was “particularly preoccupied with the safety of all Haitians including the most vulnerable and calls for calm and maximum restraint.,But we teamed up, and made sure we had access to masks, gloves, disinfectants, and everything else needed to keep on doing our job.,coolrom ppsspp cricket games.

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The envoy thanked the leadership of both sides for agreeing to the extension, and for their continued constructive engagements. ,coolrom com mobile,The factors driving internal displacement are often complex and interconnected, from conflicts, climate related shocks, disasters, to rising rates of violent crime..

In 2016, this corresponded with data indicating that the probability of a 30-year-old man dying from a non-communicable disease - such as heart conditions - before the age of 70, is 44 per cent higher, than for a woman of the same age.,In his opening statement, Secretary-General António Guterres said the Commission on the Status of Women could equally be called the “Commission on the Status of Power”.,coolrom ppsspp cricket games,“Today, some 50 million people are estimated to be living in situations of urban conflict or at the threat of urban conflict and are exposed to the acute risks and dangers posed by these weapons,” she said. “So, the political declaration tomorrow that will be presented by Ireland that has been stewarding this process for the last three years, is going to be a key step, to step up the protection of civilians.”.

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“Let me underscore that the roadmap is a way point, not an end point”, he said. ,However, girls continue to face unprecedented challenges to their right to an education, their physical and mental wellness, and being safe from violence., On a recent two-day visit to Tanzania, UNFPA’s Executive Director, Dr. Natalia Kanem, met with counsellors at the National Child Helpline, in the commercial capital, Dar es Salaam. The helpline is run by C-Sema, a national NGO, in collaboration with the Government..

zynga poker app download,“The violent trends that dominated the last months of 2022 continue to take a devastating human toll,” said Tor Wennesland, Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process. ,“We know what works. We tolerate no excuses. We have had enough of violence against women and girls. It is time to UNITE around proven strategies, FUND them adequately and ACT”, they stressed. .

The majority of detainees were advocating for lifting the driving ban and for improvements in women’s rights within Saudi Arabia. Many of those detained face extremely serious charges, such as 20 years in prison, according to reports.,The first UN Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism will address key issues that include protection, remembrance and recognition, and access to justice, as well as support and assistance. ,Mr. Kelapile urged participants to learn from the pandemic to adapt their work and better prepare for future crises.  He also called for greater accountability and strengthening respect for international humanitarian law. .

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The recent attack on a school in Dapchi, in which five girls lost their lives is just the latest indication that there are few safe spaces left for children in the northeast.,Residents in parts of northern Japan were reportedly woken by sirens and text alerts, and warned to watch out for possible falling debris.,These States include Somalia (9.4 per cent) and South Sudan (19.4 per cent), along with Madagascar (44.3 per cent), Papua New Guinea (53 per cent), Afghanistan (58.8 per cent) and Myanmar (60.2 per cent), based on 2013-2018 data..

coolrom com mobile,According to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA)’s State of World Population report, the lack of bodily autonomy may have worsened during the coronavirus pandemic, placing record numbers of women and girls at risk of gender-based violence and harmful practices such as early marriage.,He regretted that violence continued throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory even after submitting the quarterly update.  .

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In terms of profits, almost three-quarters of companies that tracked gender diversity in management positions reported increases of between five and 20 per cent, while the majority saw 10 to 15 per cent growth. ,coolrom com mobile,“I believe we have not seen such a serious opportunity for making progress towards ending the conflict in eight years. But the tide could still turn unless the parties take bolder steps toward peace,” he warned. .

Since the beginning of March 2022, over 1.16 million people have been displaced by clashes between parties to the conflict in North Kivu.,“And more people are fleeing as conflict intensifies”, Arafat Jamal, UNHCR’s Representative in the world’s youngest country, said in a press release. ,coolrom ppsspp cricket games,“The genuine political will of these actors needs to be tested against reality,” he added, noting that nearly a year has passed since the polls were postponed.   .

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Mr. Guterres also sent his deepest condolences to the family of the deceased peacekeeper, and to the people and Government of Jordan. He has also wished a prompt recovery to those injured. ,coolrom ppsspp cricket games,When Lise Kingo, Executive-Director of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, spoke exclusively to UN News, she explained that progress on economic gender is going much slower than she expected when she began her career as an executive in the corporate world: the most recent data from the World Economic Forum shows that, on current trends, it will take 202 years to close the divide in the workplace.,Mr. Haq said UN Coordinator for the Secretary-General’s signature Initiative, Amir Abdulla, was cooperating closely with the Turkish delegation at the JCC, and “is exerting all efforts to resume full participation”..

“We can no longer simply look at the worst forms of child labour as a shame. We have to see it as one part of an inhuman and criminal trade that must be stopped,” UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy said. “Courageous leadership is needed from governments, who are primarily accountable for ensuring that child trafficking is criminalized and children are effectively protected from this form of exploitation.”,The mission will take a few days, he said, though adding that it could be “prolonged” if they can establish a continued presence at the site. ,As part of the campaign, women living in an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp on the outskirts of the capital Mogadishu - home to 280 households that fled Danunay village nearly 250 kilometres away, due to insurgent violence - have been learning about the harmful effects of FGM.,coolrom com mobile.

“Most of the survivors of gender-based violence that we see in the clinic are young adults,” says Primrose, Youth Coordinator for the Family Health Association (FHA) in East New Britain province.,real money giveaways india,Furthermore, he had “no doubt” that the funding will come from frozen Russian assets, which total billions.,In addition, over the past few weeks, an electronic tool called “Clear Check,” developed to screen UN staff dismissed as a result of substantiated SEA allegations, or who resigned or were separated during an investigation, started being rolled out across the entire UN system..

The war’s impact globally is “glaringly clear”, said Ms. DiCarlo, noting that the consequences will only become more pronounced the longer fighting lasts, particularly with the onset of winter.  ,In her formal presentation of the Secretary-General’s report, Virginia Gamba, highlighted current trends, patterns of grave violations, and existing and emerging challenges facing children put in harms way.  ,“When funding stops, women and girls suffer”, UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem, said in a statement, “especially the poor, those living in remote, underserved communities and through humanitarian crises.”  ,coolrom ppsspp cricket games.

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"And where education used to be a symbol of hope, children’s right to learn is under attack,” Mr. Equiza added. ,The Deputy Spokesperson pointed to enhanced policies and protocols, mandatory trainings, risk assessments, institutionalized action plans and accountability measures among the gains made.  In addition, the UN continues to publicly report on allegations on a regular basis.,Success hinges on the ability and willingness of political leaders to “urgently initiate sustainable solutions” to end deadlock and economic paralysis said Joanna Wronecka, stressing that State institutions must be reformed to meet people’s needs..

zynga poker app download,At a virtual roundtable discussion on Thursday, the Peace Operations chief, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, stressed the importance of continuing to prioritize the UN’s Action for Peacekeeping’s (A4P) Women, Peace and Security (WPS) commitments during the pandemic.,“I am talking of something to be done based on strict humanitarian criteria, independent of the political dimensions of the problem that need to be solved by the Haitians themselves”, he explained, adding that he had been urging the Security Council to act, to strengthen the national police force with training and equipment, but the current crisis “meant that more needed to be done”..

“Years of hard-fought recovery gains are being undone, and Haitians are grappling with setting the country back on a path to democracy,” said Helen La Lime, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative in Haiti.   ,Since then, these challenges have grown exponentially and our efforts to build a stable future for children like the ones I met last year in Kunduz have become more demanding. From hunger to chronic poverty, the scale of suffering in Afghanistan continues to rise across many areas since the Taliban advanced on Kabul last summer. ,FGM - sometimes called female circumcision - involves the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia for no medical reason, and results in severe physical and mental health consequences for girls and women..

“It is essential that the hard-won rights of Afghan women and girls are protected”, Secretary-General António Guterres told the Security Council.,In the regular daily briefing to reporters in New York on Tuesday, UN Deputy Spokesperson, Farhan Haq, said the Ukrainian, Turkish and UN delegations that remain active in the deal, had reached agreement on the pause at the JCC, which is based in Istanbul.,“FGM remains a pressing human rights issue and reliable evidence regarding its harmful effects, both for mothers and their babies, should contribute to the abandonment of the practice,” WHO said. “It is in direct violation of young girls’ rights, has both short-term and long-term adverse health consequences, and is an unnecessary procedure.”.

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Police Major Seynabou Diouf has worked “tirelessly with her colleagues inside and outside the Mission to empower women, improve conduct, enhance protection, strengthen performance, and thereby build sustainable peace”, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Peace Operations chief, told the heads of UN police and police experts from 14 peacekeeping operations, gathered at the award ceremony at UN Headquarters in New York.,“Child trafficking is one of the worst forms of child labour,” ILO stated, adding that an estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked each year into exploitative work in agriculture, mining, factories, armed conflict or commercial sex work.,Special Envoy Hans Grundberg reported on his ongoing mediation efforts with the Government and Houthi rebels, also known as Ansar Allah, following their failure last October to extend a landmark truce that lasted six months. .

zynga poker app download,Calling for urgent and demonstrable action by authorities, Ms. Sooka said: “South Sudanese men must stop regarding the female body as 'territory' to be owned, controlled and exploited.”,“I bring here the best and the brightest in safeguards, in safety, in security, and we will have a pretty good idea of what's going on,” he said. .

Ms. Mohammed said it must be carried forward: “Achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment and upholding women’s rights is a game changer - for poverty-reduction, inclusive growth, democratic governance, peace and justice,” she said.,In Gaza, under blockade for some 15 years now, the situation remains fragile and the risk of escalation persists.   ,This feature, which focuses on the illegal trade in substandard and fake medicines, is part of a UN News series exploring the fight against trafficking in the Sahel..

The UN chief outlined three areas for urgent multilateral action: the growing climate emergency; the food, energy and finance crisis, and the unequal recovery from the pandemic. ,“The international community’s response to the crisis in Myanmar is failing, and that failure has contributed to a lethal downward spiral that is devastating the lives of millions of people,” Tom Andrews, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, said at the end of a 10-day official visit to Japan.,To overcome the issue, Mr. Campbell suggested that restrictions should be based on precise and narrowly tailored laws, and should not incentivize the censoring of legitimate expression. He argued that they should have transparent processes, genuinely independent and impartial oversight bodies, and that civil society and experts should be involved in developing, evaluating, and implementing regulations..

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