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This year's commemoration of the Day also falls amid observances of the ongoing International Year of Family Farming, which aims to mobilize support for smallholder farmers, particularly women.,zeus casino,“Agricultural workers, including women, children and migrants and plantation workers, are increasingly faced with low wages, part-time work, informality, and a lack of social and economic protections,” said Hilal Elver, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, as she presented her annual report to the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee.,Those living in the region can no longer farm, fish or travel by boat, and poverty rates are significantly higher than country averages..

For many countries, the response to the pandemic has involved investing in their citizens, enhancing social protection systems and labour markets in order to help the most vulnerable populations. ,“We have a chance to save the lives of millions of people around the world, and to prevent injuries, suffering and the loss of opportunity associated with road accidents,” she said, urging all stakeholders to contribute to the Trust Fund and to step up their efforts to achieve global road safety targets.,Fang Liu: Indeed, aviation plays a very unique role. It connects the world with people; bringing families, friends and businesses together, as well as opportunities. Nowadays, aviation carries about 100 thousand daily flights. By these one hundred thousand daily flights, it transports 10 million passengers every day. In addition to that, you also probably know, tourism is a mainstay of finance and income for cities.  Half of one point four billion tourists are carried by air transport.  So you can see the role of aviation in that part. With these numbers, aviation actually contributed 2.7 trillion US dollar – roughly 3.5% of global GDP – and supported around 63.5 million jobs globally, as well as contributed 35% of trade volume globally. In addition to this number, I can also share with you the importance of aviation for urbanization. ,casino in cdm.

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The UN health agency's annual oversight convention, held for the first time ever by teleconference from Geneva on 18-19 May, was focused intensely on defeating the novel coronavirus that has infected more than 4.7 million people worldwide, caused more than 316,100 deaths and thrown the futures of even the most robust economies into jeopardy.,casino in cass lake mn,However, the issues and themes under discussion by the General Assembly lend themselves to more effective discussion in smaller settings covering different topics. So, once the Debate is over, the General Assembly’s six Main Committees select their officers and get down to dealing with the items on the Assembly’s agenda – in 2012, the Assembly had nearly 170 items on it, most of which were carried over from previous years..

The UN rights chief called on Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni, not to sign the bill into law, saying that it would mean lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Uganda will become criminals simply “for existing, for being who they are".,One such example is the Asian Highway Network – initiated by ESCAP in the 1950s, and formalized through an intergovernmental agreement in 2003 – an international road network from Tokyo to Istanbul, Turkey, on borders of Europe.,casino in cdm,While there is no data on the number of people born into slavery according to Mali's National Commission on Human Rights, the experts’ statement highlighted estimates from some organizations of at least 800,000 victims, including 200,000 living “under the direct control of their ‘masters’”..

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“But together, the United Nations development system offers unapparelled expertise and global reach,” she added.,Cross-border movement offers “a chance for a better life, with the social and economic benefits extending to both source and destination countries, as well as future generations,” said Mukhisa Kituyi, the Secretary-General of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), launching the agency’s Economic Development in Africa report on Thursday.,According to the experts, data recently made available, reveals a rise in child mortality rates for the first time in 26 years, attributable in part to the Zika disease virus epidemic and economic crisis of recent years..

zeus casino,In an in-depth interview with UN News, ahead of officially leaving her post on Wednesday, the two-time former president of Chile and head of UN Women, looked back over her four years heading her office, OHCHR, and said while human rights had gone backwards in some areas, there have been “important steps in others.” ,The Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Iran, said in a statement that the executions on Friday of Majid Kazemi, Saleh Mirhashemi and Saeed Yaghoubi, were “profoundly concerning in view of the reported involvement of these individuals in the protests that commenced in Iran on 16 September 2022, and allegations of their having been convicted and sentenced through confessions obtained under torture.”.

Speaking via videoconference, the ILO chief noted that this data coincides with World Health Organization (WHO) indications that Latin America is the current infection epicentre.,“The complexity and multi-dimensional nature of these challenges attest to the necessity to respond collectively to the Sahel crisis, and in a more coherent, comprehensive and integrated manner,” Ms. Mohammed explained.,The education of nearly four million children, including over 350,000 refugees and migrants, is at risk, she warned, due to the overwhelming number of damaged or destroyed schools. .

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“That means improving the quality and safety of roads and vehicles, preventing speeding and drunk driving, and vigorously promoting the use of seat-belts, motorcycle helmets and child car seats,” Mr. Ban said in his message on the World Day, in which he also cited the need to focus on post-crash response, as timely emergency care, better medical treatment, psychological support, and early rehabilitation for the injured can save lives and reduce disability.,Her dream is for Black women to “break away from the madness” and “have the power and possibility to decide”.,“The truth is that road safety is morally and economically a sound investment,” he stressed, citing initiatives, such as Mexico’s ‘Vision Zero’ Campaign that aims for a 35 per cent reduction in road traffic fatalities and Malaysia’s public declaration to upgrade 75 per cent of road infrastructure by 2020..

casino in cass lake mn,The small amounts of 0 or 0 that each migrant sends home make up about 60 per cent of the family’s household income - IFAD head, Gilbert Houngbo.,The idea for the World Day was born in 2019, when four cotton producers in sub-Saharan Africa – Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali, known as the Cotton Four -proposed a celebration on October 7, to the World Trade Organization. .

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Initial reports suggest the boat left Sittwe in Rakhine State, Myanmar, last Thursday, the agency reported, and the vessel encountered bad weather in waters off the coast of the Ayeyarwady Region, causing it to capsize near the coast of Pathein township on Saturday.,casino in cass lake mn,“This vision is getting closer to reality,” he concluded..

“Given the fragmented distribution, the only way we can manage the global water resources efficiently is through multilateral cooperation. The goal to provide safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2030, will remain elusive without harmony and synergy in our actions and policies related to water.”,“With the blockade now in its eleventh year, the Gaza Strip has been reduced to a humanitarian case of profound suffering and aid dependency,” said the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), in a news release announcing its findings.,casino in cdm,“The military continues to hold proceedings in secretive courts in violation of basic principles of fair trial and contrary to core judicial guarantees of independence and impartiality”, Volker Türk added, calling for the suspension of all executions and a return to a moratorium on death penalty. .

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In its new report released on Wednesday, the agency said that the rebound was highly uneven along regional, sectoral and income lines, however.  ,casino in cdm,Extractive industries refers to businesses that take raw materials from the earth, including oil, coal, precious metals, and other minerals, by drilling, pumping, quarrying and mining. ,This quality-difference can be illustrated by looking at the number of students per teacher, in primary schools. Sub-Saharan Africa has, on average, 39 pupils per teacher while in developed regions, there is an average of one teacher for every 16-18 primary school pupils..

>>> Find all of UN News’ coverage of the UN 73rd session of the General Assembly neatly kept here.,According to the report, “partnerships are key to achieving the SDGs” – and as of June, 3,834 partnerships had been registered with the Partnerships for the SDGs online platform from different sectors across all the 17 goals.,“In this context the report contributes to a better understanding of the implications of intra-African migration for the continent’s socio-economic transformation,” added Mr. Davis.,casino in cass lake mn.

The conflict in the DRC is on “such a massive scale”, that the country has the highest number of internally displaced in Africa, a large refugee population of 500,000, and is experiencing multiple crises, including in education, funding and healthcare, said David McLachlan-Karr, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for DRC. ,zuri casino entry fee,In order to protect human rights, the report recommends that the Secretary-General should conduct a global review of the ways in which human rights norms apply to digital technology, and calls on social media companies to cooperate fully in responding to human rights concerns.,“And then, I think at the beginning of development is the empowerment of women. How do we empower women? Through education. And education in the 21st century can’t happen without investing in new technologies.”.

“Without fertilizer in 2022, there may not be enough food in 2023,” said Mr. Guterres. “Getting more food and fertilizer out of Ukraine and Russia is critical to further calm commodity markets and lower prices for consumers.”,Costing a total of .9 million, the initiative will be financed in part by the .3 million loan and a 3,000 IFAD grant.,Her dream is for Black women to “break away from the madness” and “have the power and possibility to decide”.,casino in cdm.

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During an update to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the UN rights chief highlighted the death on Tuesday of a 17-year-old demonstrator, shot dead by a police officer in the Sharq Alnil area of Khartoum, "one of 125 people to die since protests began over 16 months ago, one in five of whom have been children under the age of 18".,After visiting Zendajan district in Herat province in the far west of the country - one of 25 provinces that have been hit by drought - the FAO official reported that families had run out of people and institutions they could approach to borrow money. ,According to the UN flagship World Economic Situation Prospects 2017 report (WESP), the world economy expanded by just 2.2 per cent in 2016, the slowest rate of growth since the 2009 global recession. World gross product is projected to grow by 2.7 per cent in 2017 and 2.9 per cent in 2018, a slight downward revision from the forecasts made last May..

zeus casino,Three years of flatlined progress on HIV treatment and prevention affect 2.7 million youth  ,Together with five others, they were driven to Port Sudan, the country’s main eastern seaport. From there they walked for a whole day before finding transport towards the Egyptian border..

“People who have completed secondary and tertiary education are less likely to be in informal employment compared to workers who have either no education or completed primary education,” said ILO.,Even before the current crisis, malnutrition was a critical concern in Afghanistan: according to the latest data from the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF), an estimated 3.2 million children under the age of five are expected to be acutely malnourished by the end of the year.,“In the wake of the massive economic disruption caused by the pandemic, it is more crucial than ever that governments support poor households with children now and rebuild their human capital during the recovery.” .

International trade is “win-win by nature” and should not be a zero-sum game, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi told world leaders at the United Nations today, saying that China “will not be blackmailed or yield to pressure.”,The vast majority of these children, around 85 per cent, live in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, split roughly equally between the two regions. The picture is particularly dire in Burkina Faso, Chad, Ethiopia, Niger and South Sudan, where 90 per cent or more of children under the age of 10, are considered to be multidimensionally poor.,Noting that “we are bearing the burden of a crisis which is Myanmar’s own making”, Ms. Hasina recalled a proposal to resolve the crisis, which included for the international community to ensure that the root causes of Rohingya problems are addressed and the violation of their human rights accounted for..

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“During frank conversations with the authorities, I raised issues relating to civic space, conditions of detention and judicial delays, among others, encouraging them to take meaningful steps towards reforming the justice and security sectors,” said Mr. Türk in a press release issued by the UN human rights office, or OHCHR, which he heads up. ,And she maintained that Bangladesh’s school drop-out rate has gone down from 50 to 18 per cent.,Such efforts to reach the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), however, are facing “major obstacles” she added, pointing to rising inequalities..

zeus casino,They also have been stripped of their political and citizenship rights, and seen their cultures stifled, their languages suppressed, and their religious practices curtailed. ,“However, in parallel with the improvement in economic growth, we have seen a rise in risks to the economic outlook,” he said, warning that “increasingly unilateral trade measures are challenging the multilateral trading system.”.

The civil wars were also infamous for child soldiers who numbered in the tens of thousands, many abducted from their families.,The situation has been worsening since the beginning of the year, when the military took over the country, ousting the democratically elected Government. It is now estimated that 14 out of 15 states and regions are within the critical threshold for acute malnutrition. ,In 1994, they were encouraging everyone to go to every home, hunt them down, kill kids, kill women. For a long time, the roots of hatred ran very deep in our society. To see the Government was behind it, there was no hope that there were going to be any survivors..

Antimicrobial drugs are widely used for domestic animals, in fish farms and even on crops and across fruit orchards – sometimes as preventative measures to stave off infections and fatten animals faster.,The situation has a huge impact on the population's income and on the implementation of humanitarian and development projects that should support the community. ,Tucker Friedman is known in the Louisiana swampland as the alligator whisperer. He set up his tour company Atchafalaya Basin Landing Airboat Tours 20 years ago and introduces visitors from around the world to the unique ecosystem of the swamps in the Mississippi River flood plain.  He entertains his customers by calling to the alligators in Cajun French, a Louisiana vernacular, and then tickles them on the chin. .

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