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 In Sub-Saharan Africa, Mali and Niger made significant gains in women’s representation, despite security challenges. The IPU said these countries are testament to the fact that women’s role in transition processes is key to their political empowerment.  ,zulu games online,“The Government's efforts to promote some rights of women at a policy level are rarely translated into concrete advancement of women's rights in law and in practice”, said Anaïs Marin, Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Belarus.,With conventional aid trucks or other large vehicles unable to access some of those in need in built up areas, the ridesharing and delivery app has developed a new custom-built version of its online platform, “which allows WFP to better coordinate, dispatch and track a fleet of smaller vehicles delivering relief items from warehouses”, the agency said, in a press release..

By targeting rural and urban individuals and communities, that are making an extraordinary commitment, to change the FGM narrative. For Nkiru I. Igbokwe, gender-based violence specialist at UNFPA in Somalia, it is “accelerating the voices of women and men alike, to end FGM in the country”.,“I reiterated that the first important step on the path to legitimacy, security, and sustained stability is to afford the 2.8 million Libyans registered to vote the opportunity to cast their ballot and to freely select their country’s future leaders to open a new era for Libya, its neighbours and the region”, said the top UN official, who heads UNSMIL.  ,“The poison of war is infecting our world,” by jeopardizing millions of lives, “turning people against each other, pitting nation against nation, eroding security and wellbeing, [and] reversing development”.,kazuya nintendo switch.

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zulu games online

The displaced population includes an estimated 40,000 pregnant women, UN officials estimate, many of whom are expected to give birth in coming weeks. An unknown but significant share of these pregnancies, aid officials believe, resulted from rapes committed by members of the Myanmar army and allied militants.,kazuya amiibo,In an alert on the situation, the World Food Programme (WFP) said that it expected between two and 2.5 million more people to face acute hunger in the coming months, because of conflict that erupted on 15 April between forces loyal to rival Generals Abdel Fattah Al Burhan and Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo..

In a statement, it also noted that the rape had caused S.H. physical and psychological harm, including a serious genital infection, for which she could not afford treatment.,According to news reports, his political party, the PTI, said that he had not been given access to legal counsel, and pledged to challenge the legality of his arrest on Tuesday, in court.,kazuya nintendo switch,“Given this immense potential, I am inspired to see women leaders unite to identify, support and finance women-led businesses and to protect vulnerable workers.” .

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“Most of the survivors of gender-based violence that we see in the clinic are young adults,” says Primrose, Youth Coordinator for the Family Health Association (FHA) in East New Britain province.,“Children need safe homes to live in, not tents; their parents need jobs that pay a decent wage and allow them to provide for their families.”,The shelling has destroyed the power infrastructure feeding the city, where staff operating the plant live, causing a complete blackout that also threatens the nuclear facility. .

zulu games online,“We are able to speak in public, participate actively, present our economic proposals to the authorities, and negotiate with them. That is empowerment.”,“I often call it the ‘docking station’ for all the goals,” she said, flagging that Spotlight builds on civil society leadership and aims to address some of the imbalances women face..

“Obviously, today he will continue to be fully engaged, making phone calls, trying to secure a 24-hour ceasefire, which will enable a much-needed reprieve to all affected civilians in Khartoum,” UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric told journalists attending his daily noon briefing in New York. , The IPU, the global organization of national parliaments, has tracked women’s participation in parliament for decades, allowing it to measure progress and setbacks.   ,“For the private sector, women’s equal participation and leadership is both a moral duty and a business imperative”, he said. .

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Astronauts, diplomats, decision makers and experts from around the globe have converged in to discuss the creation of a dedicated ‘Space for Women’ Project.,kazuya amiibo,This gap could leave conflict-affected children exposed to the immediate and lasting impacts of war, child labor, trafficking, and violence, UNICEF warned..

Shadly Ahmad Mahmoud Abou Taqiqa al-Huwaiti, Mr Ibrahim Salih Ahmad Abou Khalil al-Huwaiti and Mr Atallah Moussa Mohammed al-Huwaiti were sentenced to death on 5 August last year, and their sentences were backed by Saudi Arabia’s Specialised Criminal Court of Appeal, on 23 January.,“Children need safe homes to live in, not tents; their parents need jobs that pay a decent wage and allow them to provide for their families.”,kazuya nintendo switch,It will also “provide quality services for survivors, and reparations for victims of violence and their families, producing disaggregated data so we can leave no one behind and empower women’s movements in the five priority countries.”.

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More than 180 unaccompanied children have been identified and assisted by child protection workers, while some 2,000 others are receiving psychological support, said Mr. Dujarric.,zulu games online,They were abducted on 12 March 2017 while investigating reports of mass atrocities in the volatile Kasai region, following fighting between Congolese Government forces and armed militia.   ,“Residents of Moldova started raising funds right away and literally stuffed the Exposition Centre with various belongings, they kept bringing stuff over,” she continued. “My friend, an attorney, temporarily moved closer to the border to provide legal advice to the new arrivals. And there are hundreds of people like her”..

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Conflict and insecurity in the Central African Republic (CAR) has taken a heavy toll on civilians for many years. ,After two years of marriage, I became pregnant but there were problems during the birth. I had to travel a long distance to the health facility, which weakened me.,Escalating armed conflict is further exacerbating the situation. Since 20 October, 188,000 people have been newly displaced by fighting between the M23 rebel group and the Congolese Army..

zulu games online,“Five years ago, I committed to a strategy to ‘change the game’ when it came to combating sexual exploitation and abuse,” Secretary-General Guterres stressed in his report.  “I acknowledge that the Organization has not succeeded in all respects, but neither have we stood still.”,Ten days of fighting between rival military forces have had a devastating impact on the country’s population. The UN humanitarian affairs office (OCHA) warned that people are lacking food, water, medicines and fuel, power is limited, and the prices of essential items as well as transport have skyrocketed..

He also met with the Foreign Ministers of Iran, Russia, and Türkiye, and their counterparts from Egypt and Jordan, as well as senior officials from Arab countries, the United States, Germany, and other European nations. ,Turning to his mediation efforts, the UN envoy said he has been in continued contact with the two sides and countries in the region. ,The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released a video on Monday to coincide with the Day, in which eight successful nuclear scientists are asked how their gender has affected their career, highlighting the bias and prejudice that still exists in the industry..

The answer, according to Mr. Guterres, is a radical transformation of the international financial system, centred on the needs of developing countries.,The Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Alice Nderitu, also underscored the need for global action. ,The devastating harm caused by explosive weapons falling on population centres has been seen again and again, from Syria to Ethiopia, Myanmar and Iraq. The flood of images coming out of Ukraine have shocked many. On top of the deaths, the use of these weapons is a cause for long-term harm, destroying livelihoods, and vital infrastructure such as health care facilities. .

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Health care is scarce in the region, which has among the world’s highest incidence of malaria and where infectious diseases are one of the leading causes of death.,Mr. Guterres said the war has caused “unspeakable suffering and devastation” in Ukraine, and latest developments - including the potential for nuclear catastrophe - will only lead to “an endless cycle of horror and bloodshed.” ,Gender equality is achieved when both sexes enjoy the same rights and opportunities across society, including access to justice and to economic and social gains. The study stressed that sustainable development goals cannot be achieved without ensuring gender equality in law and practice..

zulu games online,Actions such as increased patrols, deployment of naval assets, enhanced coordination, as well as convictions, have served as deterrents to criminal activity. ,Latest data indicates that 27,000 mainly women and children have been displaced and need urgent assistance in Kwilu and Mai Ndombe provinces..

“Governments have a duty to ensure that women and girls who have abortions are treated humanely and without judgement or assumption of violating laws, in particular in cases of miscarriages,” they stressed.,There are innovative actions being taken that should be both commended and replicated. In Argentina, for example, pharmacies have been declared safe spaces for victims of abuse to report. Similarly, in France, where grocery stores are housing pop-up-services and 20,000 hotel room nights have been made available to those women who cannot go home.,He recalled his 2016 pledge when sworn in as Secretary-General, to “communicate better about what we do, in ways that everybody understands”. .

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“Change is coming at a pace that is too slow for the women and girls whose lives depend on it, and for the effectiveness of our efforts to maintain international peace and security”, the UN chief said.,"Armenia stands out in its efforts to integrate the 1989 UN Convention on Mercenaries in its domestic legislation, specifically in Article 147 of the Criminal Code which provides for a definition of mercenarism in compliance with international law,” they said in a statement. ,“The legal age of marriage is 18, and kidnapping of girls is criminalized. Unfortunately, these laws are not always respected. Instead of an official marriage, people often hold a religious ceremony in a mosque, which is called ‘nikah’.”.

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zulu games online,“The world cannot afford to have food and fertilizer held up by anything. Every shipment cleared through this route helps to calm markets, boost food supplies and keep farmers producing.”,Respect for human rights was highly stressed in the document, and during the debates. The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, underscored that there must be "concrete measures to reduce these vulnerabilities while committing to protect all human rights in the digital sphere." .

According to information received by UNAMA, this is a formal directive rather than a recommendation, any violations of which will lead to the punishment of male relatives.,Of course, there is extensive damage; some towns in this area are 80 to 90 per cent damaged, some even more. So actually, you could say they don't even exist anymore. Even on the way to Kurakhove a missile strike occurred in a nearby city, which killed three people and injured 12.,In March, Mr. Gilmour travelled to Cox’s Bazar on Bangladesh’s south-east coast, where the refugees have settled in camps and makeshift clearings after escaping violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state..

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The Joint Coordination Centre (JCC) which is managing the Black Sea Grain Initiative, agreed between the UN, Ukraine, Russia and Türkiye, has authorized the departure of three vessels - two from the port of Chornomorsk and one from Odesa, carrying a total of 58,041 tons of corn through the designated “maritime humanitarian corridor”.,She added that more than 4.2 million people have received cash assistance over the past eight months and that markets are reopening, as the Government works to restore banking services in the Kharkiv and Kherson regions, where Ukraine has recently regained control.,For Mélida Montero, coffee is more than a drink. It’s a way of life. “I have always grown coffee; my parents and grandparents always grew coffee. I raised my children on coffee. Coffee is in my roots; this is what I’ve been given in life”..

zulu games online,This sort of inclusivity is “a vital human right and critical for the achievement of gender equality and sustainable development,” the UN agency said.,She described the joint UN-European Union initiative as “a bold and comprehensive response to the tragedies that we see across the world every day”, aimed at ending violence against women and girls..

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He told ambassadors that since the truce began, six and a half months ago, it had started to alleviate the suffering of Yemenis, after more than seven years of civil war, and offered “a truly historic opportunity” to work towards a lasting settlement.,how to bet on cricket in pakistan,Mr. Guterres made the appeal in his message to mark the International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime, observed on Friday. ,The denial of education not only violates the equal rights of women and girls to education, it also jeopardizes the country’s future in view of the tremendous contributions by Afghan women and girls.    .

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And it will be renewed for an additional thre years, according to UNICEF and the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), which works to advance sexual and productive health. Since then, it has helped more than eight million adolescent girls and more than five million community members, with information, skills and services.,kazuya nintendo switch,Mr. Pedersen reported on his recent “busy period of diplomatic engagement” with key Syrian and international stakeholders, including in connection with the stalled Constitutional Committee meetings in Geneva. ,“We are gravely concerned for their well-being and safety”, Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson for the High Commissioner for Human Rights, told journalists at a regular press briefing in Geneva. .

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Global Open Days events were launched in 2010 to support dialogue between UN senior leadership and women’s organizations and gender-equality advocates across the world, as part of implementing UN Security Council resolutions on women, peace, and security.,in t20 match no more than,While he left concerned about the impacts the crisis will have on millions, he stressed there is also “hope for turning this around, for building on the huge potential of youth, the traditional way of mediating conflicts through dialogue and bringing peace to Malians across the country.”,For Ana Güezmes, UN Women's representative in Mexico, the figures point to nothing less than an epidemic. "From a very young age women experience sexual violence and harassment in public spaces, in transport, walking on the streets, and it consists of anything from rude words, unwanted touching, obscene glares, to rapes, murders and feminicide.".

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There are 31 female legislators in South West State’s parliament, more than in any of Somalia’s other states. Ms. Mlambo-Ngcuka congratulated Mr. Mohamed for the high participation of women in the parliament, whilst urging him to go further, saying “We expect you to do even better in the future.”,icc lic saxual haressment low,The ship departed the Turkish capital, Istanbul, on Wednesday after clearing inspection by the Joint Coordination Centre (JCC), the mechanism that supports implementation of the UN-brokered agreement on resuming grain exports from Ukraine. ,“This report shows very clearly that formula milk marketing remains unacceptably pervasive, misleading and aggressive,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, calling for regulations on exploitative marketing to be “urgently adopted and enforced to protect children’s health.”.

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zulu games online

HERstory: Celebrating Women Leaders in the United Nations is an initiative by Colombia and Qatar, and builds on an exhibition held two years ago.,“We all need to step up now. If there can be any ray of light, it’s that these issues are finally out in the open. Gender-based violence can no longer hide in the shadows,” said Neven Mimica, European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, in his opening remarks to a special event held on the margins of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62), whose two-week programme opened today at United Nations Headquarters in New York.,“Despite being charged with terrorism, they were reportedly arrested for resisting forced evictions in the name of the NEOM project and the construction of a 170km linear city called The Line,” the UN experts said..

Yemen is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis and displaced persons remain in need of protection, shelter and lifesaving health services.  ,The event kicked off in Mumbai, at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, where a series of coordinated terrorist attacks left 31 dead and many injured, in November 2008. Among the survivors is Karambir Kang, who also gave testimony to the meeting, ensuring that the views and needs of victims themselves, were heard loud and clear.,Following nine months of a political deadlock that has prevented the creation of a new government, on Wednesday hundreds of people first broke into the parliament..

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Ms. Tiep lives and works in Omugo II, an extension of Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement, which is home to 43,000 refugees from South Sudan. ,“At 21 years old, I am one of the youngest deminers trained by the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS) which works alongside UN peacekeepers in Lebanon. This is my first peacekeeping mission and my family is very proud of me. I come from a country that has experienced a civil war. It caused so much pain and suffering that destroyed everything; our homes, families, and schools. ,In her opening remarks, Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed told girls: “Be bold in your demands and be confident in the steps you are taking”. .

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She said the UN’s Roadmap out of the pandemic advocates for a just and inclusive recovery, emphasizing the need for increased fiscal space and greater social protections for women. ,The cold-blooded killings took place just days before World Press Freedom Day marked annually on May 3rd.,They went on to stress that: “Tackling some of the greatest challenges of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – from improving health to combatting climate change – will rely on harnessing all talent.”.

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Most cases of trafficking for the purpose of marriage involve young, female victims, many of whom come from disadvantaged family backgrounds, according to the report. ,The UN rights office spokesperson also highlighted longstanding concerns about fair trial violations in Ukraine’s breakaway eastern regions bordering Russia. “Since 2015, we have observed that the so-called judiciary within these self-contained republics has not complied with essential fair trial guarantees, such as public hearings, independence, impartiality of the courts and the right not to be compelled to testify.”,New data recently released by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) shows the need for urgent action to end FGM. According to UNICEF, more than 130 million girls and women have experienced some form of female genital mutilation in the 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East where the harmful practice is most common..

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With funding from the European Union, the project will help sustain agricultural production in Ukraine, after Russia’s full-scale invasion last February forced many rural producers to scale down or abandon their activities, amid the destruction of crops and farm equipment, and disruption to supply chains.,Mr. Guterres urged countries to implement the landmark UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and to promote Indigenous traditional knowledge for the benefit of all. ,Ms. Connors is supported by four field-based Victims’ Rights Advocates in the countries where most allegations have been recorded: the Central African Republic (CAR), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), South Sudan and Haiti. .

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Four civilians died during the fighting and at least five others were wounded.  ,We have been able to do things together that were not possible to do alone, like landing a robot on a comet, 500 million kilometers away from Earth – Astrophysicist Ersilia Vaudo,The majority of detainees were advocating for lifting the driving ban and for improvements in women’s rights within Saudi Arabia. Many of those detained face extremely serious charges, such as 20 years in prison, according to reports..

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Since early March, the ADF rebel group has reportedly killed at least 97 civilians in Beni territory, North Kivu province, according to MONUSCO. ,“When women have income and resources - including access to digital technology - they are more likely to invest in ways that benefit their families and communities. Experience also shows that businesses with women well represented on their corporate boards are more stable and profitable.” ,“The prospect of another cyclone was scary,” says Monica, who lives in Mbenje in Malawi’s Nsanje District. “We lived through the same experience with Cyclone Idai and then Cyclone Kenneth. We had to rebuild from scratch.”.

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Some 55,000 people from Masisisi territory fled to nearby villages, as well as to the regional capital, Goma, and towards Minova in neigbouring South Kivu province. ,Mr. Guterres also raised concerns over the “devastating” impact that any further escalation in the fighting would have on civilians, further aggravating the already precarious humanitarian situation in the country. ,The UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and UN Women have teamed up in organizing a ‘Space for Women’ Expert Meeting that will culminate at UN Headquarters in New York to share expertise, enhance partnerships and promote efforts to encourage women and girls to become involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education – especially in developing countries..

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A similar pattern in 2022 led to the deaths of more than 150 Palestinians and 20 Israelis in the West Bank and Israel.,Transporting the grain to the ports also remains incredibly slow. Truck drivers wait in kilometre-long lines to get reach Yuzhny port and some have been stationary for days.,In Kasindi, North Kivu province, military personnel of the UN Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) opened fire while returning from leave in their home country.  .

zulu games online,The security situation in Niger has worsened since 2015, when the first attack was launched by Boko Haram extremists in Diffa in the east of the country – an attack which displaced some 300,000 people, the majority of whom are women and children.,The Secretary-General has made gender parity a top priority, pushing for greater women’s representation at the UN, including at the senior management level..

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