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“It is important that relevant authorities identify and overcome regulatory and administrative barriers that hinder children’s access to formal education across all levels and provide clear and accessible information to refugee families,” the UN agency said.  ,zar casino games,The UIS paper shows that the rate of progress, or the lack of it, varies by age group.,The 1954 Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict is the first international treaty to address this subject. .

“Higher education is a vital force for development. Funding this project shows the commitment of your organization to reforming and modernizing higher education by creating centres of excellence,” said Ms. Bokova.,Unidentified armed groups reportedly kidnapped the women and girls on Thursday and Friday near the town of Arbinda, located in the north. ,Both cyclones were then followed by weeks of torrential rains. At one point, a UN humanitarian worker described the flooded area as “an inland ocean” that was as big as Luxembourg - about 125km by 25km across.,t20 cricket ka itihas.

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Mr. Guterres also condemned all attacks and killings of journalists, stressing that they must never be the target of violence.,t20 cricket jersey online,She called for people everywhere to defend and respect an independent and free press. Equally important is that media outlets must be responsible for the accuracy of their reports, which also should apply to “digital players” and social media..

The explosions took place at the all-boys Abdul Rahim Shahid high school and the nearby Mumtaz Education Centre, both located in the Dasht-e-Barchi area,  a predominantly Shiite Muslim neighbourhood in western Kabul.,Scientific research and academic freedom are under threat, they warned, following reports that research submitted by scholars from sanctioned countries were being disqualified from publication. ,t20 cricket ka itihas,"People want to live here for very good reason - they're beautiful islands, it's where people have lived for centuries, their families have lived here for centuries," Mr. O'Malley said in an interview with UN News on the side lines of the Secretary-General's visit. "So how do you make sure that you use the right techniques to keep yourself as safe, and your country as safe, as possible?".

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Speaking in Paris at the launch of the Global Assessment study – the first such report since 2005 – UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay said that its findings put the world “on notice”.,"The study makes clear that in most cases, disaster risk reduction (DRR) efforts on the farm make good economic sense: that investing in DDR early can save many dollars that would otherwise be spent on post-disaster rehabilitation," said Dominique Burgeon, Director of FAO Emergency and Resilience Division, in the foreword to the report.,The private sector had a chance to demonstrate how it can bring about real positive change, when 87 major companies - with a combined market capitalization of over US.3 trillion, over 4.2 million employees, and annual direct emissions equivalent to 73 coal-fired power plants - committed to setting climate targets across their operations..

zar casino games,Amineh Abou Kerech’s poem “Lament for Syria” won the United Kingdom’s Betjeman Poetry Prize in 2017 and in February this year she read the poem at a UN event focusing on the trauma children face in times of conflict.,The documentary examines the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazism in Germany from the late 1930s in the context of global antisemitism and racism alongside the eugenics movement and racist laws in the United States, some repealed as late as the 1960s. Capturing little known facts, it showcases the stories of Joseph, his sister and four other survivors of the Nazi Holocaust, which led to the killing of six million Jewish people, many by specially designed gas chambers in concentration camps like Auschwitz in Oświęcim, Poland..

She will be one of the special guests attending The Ocean Conference in early June, but ahead of that major event to help repair and sustain what she refers to as the Earth’s “blue heart,” she stopped by UN Headquarters in New York to talk with UN News for our podcast series, The Lid Is On.,In a world where climate change and extreme weather events contribute to pushing 26 million people into poverty every year, she underscored “improving how we manage risk is vital and this requires a deeper understanding of where these losses are occurring and not just for major internationally recorded events.”,Highlighting that the world’s poorest countries will be worst affected, particularly in West Africa and South-East Asia, the International Labour Organization (ILO) warned that the lost output will be equivalent to 80 million full-time jobs – or 2.2 per cent of total working hours worldwide - during 2030..

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Countries can offer their children the best of both worlds: They can achieve standards of excellence in education and have relatively low inequality--UNICEF research centre director,t20 cricket jersey online,Also speaking at the event, Mr. Liu Zhenmin, the Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), echoed Mr. Feruta’s remarks, and said that the problem of radioactive waste is an "unresolved issue" that needs to be addressed..

“The two‑State solution, as defined by UN resolutions, international law and bilateral agreements remains the only path to ensuring that Palestinians and Israelis can both realize their legitimate aspirations: an end to the occupation and the realization of two independent, sovereign states, living side‑by‑side in peace and security, based on the 1967 lines, and with Jerusalem as the capital of both States,” he said. ,It is time, she added, to take a “big ambition leap,” in the build up to the UN Climate Summit in September, convened by Secretary-General António Guterres, which will aim to inject momentum into the fight against climate change.,t20 cricket ka itihas,Special Rapporteurs and independent experts are appointed by the Geneva-based Human Rights Council to examine and report back on a specific human rights theme or a country situation. The positions are honorary and the experts are not UN staff, nor are they paid for their work. .

Moreover, 14 species were targeted for newly agreed upon conservation plans.,t20 cricket ka itihas,Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director, says that these incidents have a negative impact on students’ education and well-being, whether they live in rich or poor countries:,Around 80 per cent of Malawi’s and indeed the world’s agriculture depends on rain, however rainfall is becoming more erratic forcing farmers to change traditional practices.  .

Refusing to take a gas-guzzling plane, the Swedish teen decided on a zero-carbon mode of transportation to further bring awareness to the dangers of rising global emissions and pollution caused by human activity.,“UNICEF will continue working with the Government of Ukraine and the host countries’ Governments to deliver solutions to help children in conflict areas and those who have been displaced from their homes to continue their education,” said Mr. Khan. ,The Cooling Emissions and Policy Synthesis Report, from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Energy Agency (IEA), shows that up to 460 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions – roughly the amount produced over an eight-year period – could be cut over the next four decades by making air conditioners twice as efficient as they are now: by 2050, it would be possible to save the amount of electricity produced by all the coal-fired power stations in China and India in 2018, saving up to .9 trillion.,t20 cricket jersey online.

“The same human activities that drive climate change and biodiversity loss also drive pandemic risk through their impacts on our environment. Changes in the way we use land; the expansion and intensification of agriculture; and unsustainable trade, production and consumption disrupt nature and increase contact between wildlife.” ,text only game,At a discussion on how to improve accountability for women and girls in emergencies, the deputy rights chief urged Member States at the Geneva forum to consider adopting a new approach.,She called for people everywhere to defend and respect an independent and free press. Equally important is that media outlets must be responsible for the accuracy of their reports, which also should apply to “digital players” and social media..

UNICEF data reveals that in 71 countries worldwide, less than half the population has internet access. Yet, nearly three-quarters of governments in 127 reporting countries, are using online platforms to deliver education during the pandemic.,She underscored the need to not only fight against social, economic and political inequalities, but also to change mindsets, which aligns perfectly with UNESCO’s mandate “to build the defenses of peace in the minds of men and women”.,The International Symposium on Fisheries Sustainability, taking place from 18 to 21 November at FAO’s Rome headquarters, convenes researchers, business people and members of various other sectors to identify how to maximize food from the world’s rivers and oceans, without compromising the health of aquatic ecosystems.,t20 cricket ka itihas.

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 As for carbon emissions, the industry is responsible for more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.,However, international frameworks to halt or reverse these negative trends have existed for some time. For example, the targets of the internationally agreed Sustainable Development Goal 14 – for the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources – call for restrictions on the trade of marine species; the Clean Seas campaign, the world’s largest global alliance for combatting marine plastic pollution, with commitments covering more than 60 per cent of the world’s coastlines, is supported by 57 countries; whilst some 143 states back the Regional Seas Programme to promote the sustainable management and use of marine and coastal environments.,“Climate change is moving much faster than we are. Its alarming impacts are upon us; resources and ecosystems across the world are under assault. Earth Hour is an opportunity to show our resolve to change,” he said..

zar casino games,More than 4,300 people participated in the Internet for Trust Conference, organized by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which will launch the guidelines in September. ,“It is to leave a legacy, carrying forward the memory of the 10th Session of the World Urban Forum.” This is the first time the world’s largest sustainable urbanization forum has been held in the Arab region..

Countries have differing ideas on what should be included in the roadmap to create a successor pact to the Kyoto Protocol which expires in 2012. They also have diverging views on whether or not the outcome should contain targets or goals.,Researchers found that the reefs in Taiwan and the Turks and Caicos archipelago will be among the first to experience annual bleaching, followed by reefs off the coast of Bahrain, in Chile and in French Polynesia.,“We have been waiting for you!” Jayathma Wickramanayake, the UN Youth Envoy, said, welcoming the boisterous crowd of young climate leaders, who made it clear from the very start of the day-long event that global political leaders are now on notice: they must make radical changes to shift the world away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy, protect our oceans, and promote sustainable consumption..

“I am committed to strive towards gender parity within the General Assembly and gender equality in its outcomes, starting with my Office where gender equality is a reality”, she emphasized, noting her newly established Group of Gender Equality Leaders.,“Young people in the Congo Basin have been doing things on the ground that often go ignored,” explained Marie Tamoifo, President of the Cameroon Green Youth Association (Association de la Jeunesse verte du Cameroun – AJVC) and Regional Coordinator of the Youth Network for sustainable management of forest ecosystems in Central Africa (Réseau des jeunes pour la gestion durable des écosystèmes forestiers d’Afrique centrale - REJEFAC) in an interview with UN News.,Moreover, with social media users nearly doubling from 2.3 billion in 2016, to 4.2 billion in 2021, there has been greater access to more content and more voices - but not necessarily with the distinctive added value of journalistic content, the study says..

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From the cold chain systems that maintain uninterrupted refrigeration during the  delivery of food and vaccines, to protection from extreme heat waves globally – access to cooling is a fundamental issue of equity, and as temperatures hit record levels, for some, it can mean the difference between life and death. ,"These groups make up a large proportion of the rural poor and rely on farming, forests and agro-forestry systems to grow food and make a living. Rendering their lands resilient to climate change is key to their livelihoods and identity,” said Daniel Gustafson, FAO's Deputy Director-General for Programmes.,The rate of FGM in The Gambia is around 76 per cent in the 14 to 49 year age range, and about 51 per cent for girls up to the age of 14. That means that, on average, every other young girl you see in The Gambia has undergone this mutilation, which involves altering their genitals by cutting the clitoris or labia..

zar casino games,Among the WHO report’s other findings are data indicating that pregnant women are more likely to give birth prematurely when they are exposed to dirty air.,The WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin reports specifically on atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases, which are what remains in the atmosphere, following a complex process of emissions and absorptions. .

Subject to approval, the IPCC will release the Summary for Policymakers of the report at a press conference on 8 October. The full report is due to published in time for this year’s climate conference, COP24, due to be held in Katowice, Poland in November.,UNDP has been working for over a decade with governments on developing what are known as Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), which outline commitments made by individual states to combat climate change. ,She said the UN rights office in DRC (OHCHR) was liaising with humanitarian partners and other UN agencies in the country to document allegations and provide needed support..

Ms. Wickramanayake will be there, and UN News asked her why young people are so important to the climate action debate.,Education Cannot Wait is the global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises, and is administered under UNICEF’s rules and regulations. UNICEF is committed to working with the Ministry of Education and Science in Somaliland to strengthen children’s resilience through education, providing technical assistance, pilot projects, and overall system strengthening. ,“The global coronavirus pandemic, which has already caused unimaginable devastation and hardship, has brought our way of life to an almost complete halt. The outbreak will have profound and lasting economic and social consequences in every corner of the globe. In the face of such turmoil, as the Secretary-General has indicated, COVID-19 will require a response like none before – a “war-time” plan in times of human crisis..